Authors, Poets, Journalists, Bloggers & Writers

Julie Bradley

Author of “Escape from the Ordinary”, retired from the US Army at 40, to sail around the world for 8 years with her husband.

Siobhan Daniels

60+ Pro-age & anti-ageism campaigner. Retirement Rebel. Writing about her motorhome adventures around Great Britain

Tayo Jaiyesimi

Adventure Enthusiast blogging at: The 5 to 9 Traveller. Who believes life is more than your 9 to 5.

Claire Smith

Ultra endurance athlete - Only person in the UK to have finished a continuous Double Deca (20x Ironman). Training for the Arch To Arc Triathlon (Sept 2022).

Shikha Tripathi

Outdoor Writer and Adventurer who has participated in expeditions in the Himalayas.

Jill Heinerth

Underwater Explorer, with expeditions into icebergs in Antarctica, volcanic lava tubes, and submerged caves worldwide. Author of INTO THE PLANET.

Nicola Hardy

Adventurer and outdoor writer - Climbing all 282 of Scotland's Munros and walked 330km from her birthplace in Sheffield to her new home in Cockermouth, Cumbria.

Amy Bushatz

Getting outside for 20mins everyday and how it’s changed her life. Plus going after a 100 miler mountain run!

Dr Easkey Britton

Marine social scientist, writer and ocean leader from Ireland, with a deep love and passion for surfing and the sea. Her work explores the relationship between people and nature.

Leah Goldstein

The 1st female ever to WIN the overall SOLO division of the gruelling Race Across Across America in its 39 year history!

Anja Madhvani

Completing her first ultra the Marathon Des Sables with undiagnosed Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Now fully recovered she is training for the London Marathon in 2022.

Patti Shales Lefkos

Journalist, Adventure Traveller and Author of: Nepal One day at a time.

Erica Terblanche

Endurance Runner and Adventure Racer, on a mission to share the joy of running. Author of - “Run For The Love Of Life”

Lindsay Dare Shoop OLY 

Athlete & Educator - Using my physical capacity and love of learning to help people. Author of Better Great Than Never

Katie Spotz

Endurance Athlete & WR Holder. 5X Ironman, cycled across the USA, run 100 miles nonstop in under 20 hours, and rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Prof. Angie Abdou

Author - This One Wild Life: A Mother-Daughter Wilderness Memoir.

Jessica Nabongo

Ugandan-American World Traveller, who became the first Black Woman to travel to every country in the world!

Maria Coffey

Award Winning Author, Adventurer & Pioneering Expedition Kayaker.

Frankie Dewar

Writer, speaker and content creator, cycling 3,175km around the UK. Host of the Extraordinary Ordinary You Podcast.

Jai Bharathi

Award winning Motorcyclist, Traveller & Author. Over 100,000+ kms on motorcycles through 7 countries.

Tania Aebi

Solo circumnavigation of the globe in a 26-foot sailboat between the ages of 18 and 21, making her the first American woman and the youngest person (at the time) to sail around the world!

Helen Mort

Poet & Author - ‘Never Leave The Dog Behind’ who explores the relationship between people, dogs and the great outdoors.

Kat Young

Hiker & Blogger at Attitude over Ability - Hiking the Coast to Coast UK, Alpine Pass Route, Switzerland and the South Island of New Zealand.

Katie Holmes

Independent sports historian writing about women's distance running and sharing stories of female runners over 50.

Charlotte Fowles

The Executive Adventurer, solo hiking whilst on chemotherapy & crossing the Australian outback in a 4x4 truck!

Jean Muenchrath

Hiking, skiing and exploring wild places. Author of, “If I Live Until Morning, A True Story of Adventure, Tragedy and Transformation”

Dr Kerri Andrews

Author of Wanderers: A History of Women Walking

Deana Ortega

Badass single mom who has jammed her way around the roller derby circuit for the past 12 years. Author of My Derby Romance.

Ashly Winchester

Ultra runner focused on FKT’s (Fastest Known Times) & Host of Womxn Of The Wild Podcast

Kristin Knight Pace

Finishing the 2015 Yukon Quest a 1,000 Mile Sled Dog Race and the 2016 Iditarod.

Alicia Doyle

Journalist & Author of ‘Fighting Chance’, winner of 2 Golden Gloves championship titles and named, The California Female Fight of the Year in 2000

Nikki Love

Adventure Runner, Ran 63 marathons in 63 days in 2017. Training to run 2,500 miles on a treadmill in 63 days…

Sensi Graves

Professional kiteboarder & entrepreneur, empowering women to get out there and do what they love.

Dr Kate Edwards & Dr Blair Green

Go Ahead, Stop and Pee: Running During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Anna Mcnuff

Running 2,300+ miles through Great Britain barefoot!

Chris Fagan

Her Extraordinary Quest to the South Pole!

Emily Pennington

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, backpacking the High Sierra Trail in California and trekking the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland!

Paula Reid

The Adventure Psychologist - Going knowingly into the unknown

Sian Lewis

The Girl Outdoors: The Wild Girl's Guide to Adventure, Travel and Wellbeing!

Fiona Quinn

Paddle boarding the length of Great Britain, plus setting 3 world SUP records!

Ellie Blake

Her journey to Ironman Wales & Meg Saunders - Hiking the Inca Trail and signing up for a marathon!

Jen Benson

Adventuring with her partner and two young children, living in a tent for 18 months while exploring Britain’s National Parks.

Caroline Van Hemert

PhD, is a biologist, writer, and adventurer - Completed a 4,000-mile wilderness journey from the Pacific rainforest to the Alaskan Arctic, traveling by rowboat, ski, foot, raft, and canoe!

Kate Rawles

Outdoor philosopher, writer, activist and cyclist. Cycling South America for the Life Cycle biodiversity bamboo bike ride!

Loretta Henderson

Quit her normal life at 36, and having never cycled before, set off to cycle around the world!

Paula McGuire

“Must Try Harder” an unlikely adventurer who is an anxiety survivor.

Leanne Spencer

Citi exec until burnout, recovered, became a PT, & co-founded Bodyshot! She’s taken part in 3x Scotland Coast to Coast Races, as well as Man V Mountain! Currently training for the Arctic Circle Race in 2019!

Helen Croydon

This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete  - ditching a glamorous city girl lifestyle, and two years later qualifying to be a GB age-group triathlete!

Lindsey Cole

Adventurer & Storyteller - Who walked the length of the Rabbit Proof Fence in Australia!

Anna McNuff

Biking across Europe, Cycling the Andes with Faye Shepherd, & Driving across Canada in a Van!

Jen Bricker

Accomplished acrobat and aerialist….. born without legs

Sam Taylor

Trying 100 sports and fitness classes in a year and now helping women to find their Get Up and Go in their community!

Phoebe Smith

Extreme sleeping outdoors adventurer who thrives on heading off to the wildest locations she can find to sleep in the strangest places she can seek out!

Paula Reid

Adventurer Living Life to the Full - Crossed 150 Things Off Her Bucket List

Margaret Schlachter

The first professional female obstacle course racer & founder of Dirt in Your Skirt!

Rachel Bown

PE Teacher & Triathlete who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014. This is her journey back to fitness.

Lizzie Carr

Blogger, Adventurer & Environmentalist - First person to paddle board the length of England via its connected waterways, 650km (400 miles)!

Lois Pryce

British travel writer, who explores the world on her motorbike!

Kate Leeming

Australian Cycle Enthusiast, Educator, and First Women to Cycle Across the ‘New' Russia!

Susie Chan

Endurance Runner & Blogger

Jessi Stensland

Elite multi-sport athlete

Molly Huddle

Long distance runner, 2x Olympian, Co-author of “How She Did It” - A high performance guide for female distance runners.

Sabrina Pace-Humphreys

Co-founder of Black Trail Runners and running Britain’s most brutal race - the Spine Race 286 miles non-stop!

Bonnie St. John

1st African-American ever to win medals in Winter Olympic competition. Talking about building resilience, embracing inclusion and achieving success.

Susanne Masters

Ethnobotanist looking at the interactions we have with wildlife. Author of Wild Waters.

Helen Butters

Having a positive mindset during times of immense stress. Lessons learned from rowing the Atlantic Ocean.

Abi Melton

Neurodivergent, Fat Cyclist, Co-Author of ‘Gears for Queers’. Promoting body positivity and encouraging everyone to get on their bike.

Miriam Diaz Gilbert

Runner since 1989; ultra-runner since 2005. Training for her 30th ultra - the Dawn to Dusk to Dawn 24-hr track ultra in May 2022.

Gail Muller

Adventurer and Author of “Unlost: A journey of self-discovery and the healing power of the wild outdoors”.

Shilletha "Dragonsky" Curtis

Hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2021 and her goal of becoming the 2nd Black woman to achieve the Triple Crown of Hiking.

Kristen Berkeley

City girl who moved to the subarctic! Advocating diversity and inclusion outdoors. Founder of Amplify Outdoors.

Rosemary J. Brown

Working to get female adventurers back on the map. Author: Following Nellie Bly: Her Record-Breaking Race Around the World.

Annabel Abbs

Writer, walker, blogger and mother of 4. Her latest book, Windswept, uncovers long distance female walkers of the past.

Elise Wortley

Writer and Adventurer. Women with Altitude. Following in the footsteps of legendary female adventurers with no modern equipment!

Jenny Valentish

New book: Everything Harder Than Everyone Else: Why some of us push our bodies to extremes. Exploring the fine line between hedonism & endurance.

Nahla Summers

WR for riding 5,000 miles on an ElliptiGO Bike across the UK while writing “KINDNESS” in massive Strava Art!

Jessica Hatcher-Moore

Journalist & author living on a hillside in North Wales, writing about improbable things; most recently, childbirth. AFTER BIRTH: What nobody tells you – How to Recover Body and Mind.

Milbry Polk

Explorer and Photo Journalist, Founder of Wings WorldQuest, and on the Board for The Explorers Club

Soraya Abdel-Hadi

Award-winning writer, artist, and advocate for women and diversity in the UK outdoors. Founder of @alltheelements_

Cadi Lambert

An Adventurous Girl - Blog on adventure, travel, fitness & mental health!

Ann Raiho

A 2,000-mile journey by paddle from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay

Yui Pow Redford

First Asian woman to visit every sovereign country in the world!

EmmaLucy Cole

The joys and challenges of being a solo woman researcher, explorer and biker. Sharing more about spending 2 years with a Bedouin tribe in Sinai.

Santia Deck

Professional athlete making history as the highest paid Female Professional American Footballer.

Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Award-winning writer and travel photographer exploring culture through food, tradition, and lifestyles.

Marinel de Jesus

Lawyer, writer, avid mountain trekker and a full-time global mountain nomad #BeAPeakExplorer

Amazin LeThi

Athlete and Global Advocate for LGBTQ equality in sports

Dr. Betty Holston Smith

79 years young, running 60 to 100 miles per week, sharing her knowledge about running, health and fitness.

Sara Safari

Aiming to be the first Iranian to climb the Seven Summits (only Mt. Everest to go!) and trekking 335 miles across the largest ice cap in the world, Greenland.

Vedangi Kulkarni

The youngest woman to have circumnavigated the world on bicycle. 160 days to pedal 29,000km, across 14 countries!

Dr. Tekemia Dorsey

Ironman & CEO of the International Association of Black Triathletes (IABT)

Mya-Rose Craig

“Bird Girl” - 18-year-old British Bangladeshi top world teen birder, conservationist and environmentalist

Selene Yeager

‘The Fit Chick’, Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Author & All-American Ironman triathlete

Elle Linton

Fitness Professional & Blogger at Keep it SimpELLE

Phoebe Smith

Extreme Sleeping Adventurer, Storyteller-in-Residence at, & host of the Wander Woman Podcast.

Sophie Rooney

1st woman to run the length of Scandinavia, 103 days, 3000km!

Kathryn Bertine

Athlete and advocate for equality in women’s sports.

Sarah Outen

Adventures by land & sea, Author 'Dare to Do’, Psychotherapist-in-training, Award-winning feature film #Home in cinemas now!

Anna Blackwell

Green Ribbon Expedition 2019 - 1,000km solo trek across Arctic and Northern Scandinavia!

Kat Davis

Walking the Camino del Norte in Europe, walking the Kumano Kodo Trail in Japan and bike packing the length of Japan, over 4,000km!

Kate Swoboda

Author of The Courage Habit: Sharing more about how to accept your fears, release the past, and Live Your Courageous Life

Dr. Tamie Jovanelly

World Explorer, focusing on major river systems including the Nile, Amazon, Mississippi, Ganges.

Sally Kettle

The Life of an Adventurer after rowing the Atlantic Ocean twice!

Leanne Spencer

The Worlds Toughest Ski Race , The Arctic Circle Race, Greenland - 160km!

Jacqui Furneaux

68 - Spending 7 years travelling the world on a motorbike!

Tricia Downing

Wheelchair Athlete, Mental Toughness Speaker, Author, Helping you GET YOUR GRIT ON.

Rachel Ann Cullen

Author of “Running for my Life” sharing about mental health and how she eventually overcomes her demons through running,

Mirna Valerio

“The Mirnavator” - Ultra Marathon Runner & National Geographic 2018 Adventurer of the Year!

Susan Conrad

Kayaking ‘the Inside Passage’, 1,200 miles down the western coast of North America from Anacortes, Washington to Juneau, Alaska.

Jane Robinson

Author & Lecturer specialising in social history through women’s eyes with a focus on women travellers and women adventurers

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent

Travel writer, TV producer and director of Edge Expeditions. She set an unlikely Guinness World Record for driving a tuk tuk 12,500 miles from Bangkok to Brighton!

Alice Gartland

Pursuing her passions of swimming, getting outdoors & eating cake!

Suzy Favour Hamilton

Olympian x3, NYT Best Selling Author - “Fast Girl – A Life Spent Running From Madness”, & Mental Health Advocate

Cheryl Strayed 

Writer - Author of New York Times Bestseller Wild - Mother of 2 - Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Natalia Cohen

Adventurer & Member of the Coxless Crew:- 1 Boat - 1 Ocean - Fo4r Women.

Jen Brown

Running and Triathlon Coach and founder of Sparta Chicks!