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Week 6 - Pull Up Progress

This week the major change was in the pull ups. When I started six weeks ago I couldn’t do any pull ups using the red band for assistance. And for the previous six sessions I’d been using the purple band to give me extra support while doing the movement. I was getting quicker and super-efficient at being able to knock out six pull ups with the purple band.

This session, that all changed, as we dropped from the purple band to the red band which only gives a little bit of support. Instead of going for six reps, the goal was for two reps at a time. This was a huge change for me and demonstrates that I’m heading in the right direction to be able to do an unassisted pull up by the end of the eight weeks.

It was very strange doing these sets, as I was so use to being able to do the pull up movement, quickly having the purple band for support. Doing sets with only the red band again reminded me of how hard it is to be able to lift your own bodyweight unassisted.

I hope I’ll be able to in two weeks’ time!

pull up photo.jpg

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