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Insurance for the MdS– It’s a must!

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The MdS is an expensive event to do (£3,650). There would be nothing worse than doing all the training, then getting injured at the last moment and not being able to run the race and lose all that money. After getting my race confirmation, the next step was to get insurance sorted to make sure if I was injured or couldn’t do the race for whatever reason I’d be able to get refunded.

The MdS website also recommends you make insurance your second purchase after your entry has been confirmed. Insurance choices for ultra endurance events are normally quite limited.

The MdS recommends four insurance companies: -

The two insurance companies that stood out for me were Sutcliffe & Co and DogTag Insurance. I was originally going to go with DogTag as their insurance online seemed to cover everything I needed and was much cheaper (£69 approx). I called them up as I wanted to get clarification on a number of different points, they were very rude and unhelpful on the phone, and basically said to go back and read the website. If that’s how they treat prospective customers, I’d be worried if I had to make a claim!

Sutcliffe & Co was my next port of call, I again read through all the policies online and they had everything I needed for insurance purposes. I called them up to clarify a few points and they were very helpful when I spoke to them. This always makes it a lot easier when making the decision of who to give your business to. Sutcliffe & Co cost £109.50 and was more expensive than DogTag, but I know I’ll get a better service from them. They’ve been very efficient so far at getting the paperwork out to me.

Another job done from my list!

175 days to go!

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