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October Training Update

From all my research into the MdS it basically said you need to start training at the latest from October as this gives you six months to get physically prepared for the race in April.

To say I threw myself into training was a massive under-statement. I didn’t really do any build up, I just got my trainers on and off I went. I’d already been doing a lot of weight training with Skooby over the past few months and I was averaging about three weight training session a week with one cardio session, but that was all. To be honest I felt in amazing shape, I was so much stronger, and I was down to around ten stone one, ten stone two in weight. I’d also dropped a couple of dress sizes.

All I now needed to do was to increase the amount of endurance training I was doing and add running and walking into the mix!

race time rory marathon.jpg

One of the long runs I was really pleased with in October was the marathon on the 12th, which I did in five hours and forty five mins. The most I’d run this year was about seven or eight miles, so I was delighted to have got this distance under my belt.

I’ve run marathons before, but my last marathon was in 2011, a long time ago. I was sort of hoping muscle memory would play a part and my metal determination would get me round! It felt good to be able to run the distance without doing much training. At the end I was pretty exhausted but my legs and feet both felt good, no blisters to complain about.

battered trainers.jpg

Just a little bit of soreness in my right knee, this was apparently from my shoes, as they’re not providing me with enough/any support.

I actually ran my last marathon in my current pair of trainers, which makes them very old and very battered, so not a real surprise they’re not up for the task.

October Running/Walking

3rd - 10 mile run - 1 hr 46 mins

4th - 4 mile walk – 56 mins

5th - 10 mile run – 1 hr 32 mins

6th - 9 mile walk – 2 hr 20 mins

12th – 26.2 mile run – 5 hr 45 mins – Marathon – with Rory Coleman

15th – 20 mile walk – 5 hr 8 mins

18th – 24 mile walk – 6 hr 8 mins - Wirral Way

20th – 7 mile walk

22nd – 20 mile walk

25th – 20 mile walk – Back to back coastal walk.

26th – 20 mile walk

29th – 20 mile walk

Gorgeous View from the 20 Mile Coastal Walk

coastal walk picture.jpg

Total distance ran - 46.2 miles

Total distance walked – 144 miles

Total Training Miles 190.2

Other Training

Weights – 11 sessions (1 hr sessions)

Boxing - 8 sessions (1 hr sessions)

Yoga – 1 Bikram Session – 90 mins.

I was really pleased with how all my training has gone in October. I’ve managed to maintain the weight lifting and the boxing which I really enjoy. Run a marathon as well as complete five coastal walks and one twenty four mile walk along the Wirral Way.

Fingers crossed my training will continue like this!

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