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100 days to change your LIFE!

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I have just read an article about the 100 Day movement. This is the first time I’d heard of it and what a fantastic idea! This is all about changing your life for the better over a 100 day period. It’s for you to think of any challenge that is personal to you and to give it a go for 100 days. There is only one rule - Do it every day for 100 days!

“It doesn’t matter whether it small or massive. Just whether it’s important to you”

The potential list of challenges you can do are huge, it could be anything! Eat vegetables every day, walk, run, spend 15 minutes doing vocabulary, being mindful, doing yoga, reading a book, sewing, talking, gardening…. The list is literally endless.

The point about the 100 day challenge is to do something for YOU. Something that will inspire you, and give you a reason to do it, and to want to do it for the next 100 days.

If it doesn’t inspire you, you’re not going to do it. So make it a challenge, that really means something to you.

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Ideally something that’s going to prompt a big change in your life or something you’ve always wanted to be good at but never made the time for before. Use it as a kick-start for a new lifestyle.

Before you start

  • Pick a challenge that’s meaningful to you.

  • Tell yourself that you’re going to make this change consistently for 100 days. And once those days are over, you can choose what to do next. Keep reminding yourself: it’s for only one day at a time for just over three months.

  • Write down all the days, from one to 100. Note what you will do on each day to honour your commitment.

  • Any flash points? What will you do if you’re on holiday for a week? or if you get sick?

  • Have a backup plan if things go wrong, can you fit in a double or triple commitment the next day to get back on track?

  • Keep a diary and use the numbers to stay motivated – getting past the first 10 days is the toughest part.

100 Day movement - Website

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