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Being Inspired by Podcasts!

I’ve really been enjoying listening to podcasts at the moment. This is a new way for me to learn and absorb information. Its great getting informed about other people’s stories and the journeys they’ve been on to get to where they are now.

There’s so much useful information and advice available through podcasts.

I'd highly recommend everyone to get involved. It’s so easy to do, especially if you’re commuting or travelling or just cleaning around the house, you just download, hit play and off you go!

For me, I really enjoying going for nice walks and being able to learn at the same time.

I’m jumping between two podcasts; the first is Natalie Sisson’s, The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

She has a very relaxed and informal interview style and asks her guests the questions you want her to ask and covers off the important information. She manages to get the whole picture but also digs down into the detail and you learn something new and useful from each episode.

I would highly recommend her to anyone; I’ve binge listened to about thirty of her podcasts. She’s done over 150! So I have a few more to go....

Examples of people she’s interviewed include; Amy Porterfield, Derek Halpern, Laura Roeder and Jamie Tardy to name a few.

As well as doing the interviews each week, she also does a fifteen minute chat every Thursday, where she updates you on what she's been doing, or a specific piece of information that you may find useful.

One of my favourites has been when she talked about her painted picture and her three year plan. It really inspired me and encouraged me to start working on my three year plan to get a clear vision about what I want from life and how I want to live my life. It will be on the blog soon!

The second podcast I’m really enjoying is relatively new called, The 360 Entrepreneur.

This is hosted by Yannick “Yann” llunga from Finland.

They’re more entrepreneurial based but equally as helpful and informative. He has two goals in mind for the 360 Entrepreneur.

Firstly to interview some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, online marketing experts and best-selling authors and secondly to provide actionable tips, training and other resources to help you with your business.

He’s had some great guests recently, including Pat Flynn, Lou Bortone, Kim Garst, and Nick Unsworth to name a few of the big names.

I follow Yann (@Yannick_llunga) on twitter and find his advice really useful as I’m working on building my own podcast show called - The Tough Girl Podcast.

This is something I know would add a lot of value, and it would be another way for me to inspire, motivate and encourage women and girls.

I plan to interview inspirational women from all areas and walks of life. I want inspirational women who have stories to tell, who have overcome their own personal challenges and who are willing and able to inspire the next generation.

Some of the women I’d like to interview include;

Amy Hughes (53 Marathons in 53 Days)

Elisabet Barnes (1st Female in MDS 2015)

Fern Britton (Challenge 57)

Natalie Sisson (The Suitcase Entrepreneur)

Jodie Marsh (Body Building Transformation)

Katie Piper (Surviving an acid attack)

Sophie Radcliffe (Cycling – Alpine Coast to Coast)

The list could go on! There are so many inspirational women out there!

If you have any suggestions and ideas of whom you’d like me to interview. Please leave a comment below. All suggestions welcome!

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