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Will you "find yourself" when travelling and what does that even mean?

People talk about how you go off travelling in order to go and “find yourself”. Not to get to wishy washy, but travelling is about finding yourself and understanding who you are, and what makes you tick as a person.

Do you know what you enjoy doing? Or do you just like doing the things you’ve always done?

Are you willing to try new things and give them a chance?

What decisions do you make when it’s your choice, and you don’t need to consider anyone else?

How do you like spending your time?

What do you love? What do you hate?

What drives you? What motivates you?

Are you able to cope and survive on your own? Can you make sensible choices?

Can you be responsible and look after yourself when no one else is there to do it for you? Or do you always do the reckless thing? Or the sensible thing?

These are some of the questions you will learn the answers to when you travel. Maybe not al,l but you will have a greater understanding of you as a person.

Even if you don’t actually set out to answer those questions, you’ll know the answers at the end of your trip. You’ll end up learning about yourself, and with this knowledge, your self confidence will develop and grow. Every time you overcome a challenge, or do something previously you thought was difficult, your comfort zone will get bigger, and your life will be better because of it.

For me, travelling when I was eighteen and again when I was thirty was one of the best things I could have done. It gave me a huge amount of self confidence and self belief in what I could do and what I could achieve.

I took this knowledge with me going forward and I wasn’t afraid of trying new challenges. I wasn't afraid of giving things a go and I wasn’t afraid of making a mistake or failing.

I knew I would learn from each and every situation I put myself in and it would help me to grown as a person and would also provide me with more knowledge about myself and make me mentally tougher and able to cope with what life would throw at me.

What would you like to learn about yourself when you go travelling? Or what did you learn when you went traveling? Please comment below.

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