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The Easy Healthy Layered Breakfast

Start the day right with this delicious and easy to make breakfast. I make it the night before so I can just grab it in the morning.

This is a super simple and easy recipe to make.

What you need

Yogurt - go full fat!



Chia seeds


Flaked Almonds




This is all about layering up - there’s no right way or wrong way to do this. Just go with your instincts.

I start with a dollop of yogurt at the bottom of the glass, followed by some oats, strawberries, chia seeds, yogurt again, this time followed by flaked almonds and honey. Start the third layer with yogurt, followed by oats and quinoa flakes, strawberries, yogurt to top it off followed by flaked almonds, a drizzle of honey and a raspberry to decorate! Ta-dah and you're all done!!

You can honestly do this is in any order, you can mix up the fruits, use walnuts instead of almonds, and you don’t have to add honey if you don’t want to!

Here's another example of one I made. This time I toasted the almonds on top!


I would love to see your healthy breakfast creations! Tag me in your Instagram pictures @ToughGirlChallenges or tweet me a picture @_TOUGH_GIRL.

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