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There have been some fantastic campaigns running such as This Girl Can to really challenge cultural

I love these campaigns and I am so proud of what they have done and how they have encouraged women to get involved in sports and to get fit and active.

I was chatting to Stacey Copeland - an awesome boxer who come on the Tough Girl Podcast in November and she made a great comment - “playing sports is not just about what you look like, its about how it makes you feel”.

I promise you now - if you go for a run or go and do a workout you’ll feel so much better at the end.

The campaigns have got women talking and they have helped to raise awareness.

We need to keep our girls and women fit and active. Playing sports has so many benefit from your physical and mental health to your overall well being. So many problems in this country are caused by lack of exercise and a lack of movement. People need to get up and get active.

Not everyone wants to run a marathon or climb a mountain and that’s ok - but you should be able to walk a flight of stairs with out getting out of breath, if you have children you want to be able to play football with them in the garden or run around the park with them, you want to see them grow up.

I think they have massively helped and encouraged more women to get fit and active and that can only be a good thing.

What we need now is more media coverage of women sports and more sponsorship for women. That’s the next real challenge for this country.

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