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Where did the idea for Tough Girl Challenges come from and what will we find on the site?

I was backpacking solo around South America in 2013 and it gave me the time to really reflect back and think about what I enjoyed doing. What my strengths were and what I was passionate about. I came to realise I wasn’t materialistic, I didn’t want to work behind a desk anymore and I wanted freedom and independence to do my own thing.

I already knew my passions were; travel, adventure, and challenging myself. As well as motivating and inspiring other people, especially women and girls. While I lived in London, I was involved in charity work for UN Women, being on the London Committee for over two years and being a sponsor for Women for Women International.

I started putting it all together and came up with Tough Girl Challenges. I built my website, designed my brand and starting blogging and trying to work out exactly what I was going to do!

The website went live in December 2014 and to be honest its changed a lot of over the past twelve months as I’ve changed. I blog on a regular basis about my training, healthy eating, recipes I’ve cooked, topics I’ve discussed on The 52% Show. (A local TV Show where I’m a regular panelist talking about everything from the perspective of women) . Pretty much anything that interests me and anything that inspires me.

You’ll find all the links to the Tough Girl Podcast, my blog and my books. I offer life coaching to individuals as well as motivational talks about challenge and change. Plus I have tough girl training t-shirt on sale to help me fund my travels!


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