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What has been your biggest take away from the interviews?

I’ve honestly learn’t so much from speaking to all these women.

Their drive, their passion, their motivation. I’ve been so privileged to be the one asking the questions and getting to really dig down into their reasons and understand why they do what they do and what they’ve learnt on the way.

So many aspects stand out; but for me, time and time again. I hear the same message said in a different way.

Its about going after what you want.

Its about you making the decision and deciding what your passionate about and really want to do.

Its about ignoring the negative people, the naysayers and the armchair experts who tell you it can’t be done.

Its about having faith and belief in yourself.

Its about never giving up.

Its about making progress, every single day towards your goal and saying

- I can, I can, I can.


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