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March is Motorsports Month on the Tough Girl Podcast!

March Motorsports Month on the Tough Girl Podcast

This month we’re going to be speaking to three inspirational women from the world of motorsports. I’m really excited about sharing their stories with you. Motorsports is something I know very little about, but I would love to learn more. Especially what it’s like being female in such a male dominated arena.

We’ll be speaking to Jade Paveley a rally car driver from the UK, who drives for Mazda Motors UK, in the Motorsport New MSV Championship.

We’ll be catching up with Jenny Tinmouth a Honda rider in the British Superbike Championships. Jenny is also the female lap record holder at Isle of Man TT and hold 2 Guinness World Records!

Finally we’ll be heading over to America to catch up with Verena Mei a model turned stunt driver, who now races in Rally America! You can also see Verena in Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, and Rush Hour Two!

These women have some excited stories to share with you about the world of motorsports. They also share their personal journeys of how they got to where there are, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them and moved forward to follow their dreams.

For anyone interested in motorsports, or who loves inspirational stories these episodes are not to be missed!

You can listen to the Tough Girl Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud & Stitcher!

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