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New workout gear.....

Now you may have noticed something a little different about the Tough Girl Podcast this week……. I now have a sponsor which is very exciting news!!

It sort of came out of the blue. I got an e-mail from Four Athletics, saying how much they love the podcast and would love to be involved in sponsoring it!!

Which is really exciting! They sent me some clothing over so I could check it out (and its awesome by the way!!) More about that later.

So I am now working with Four Athletics which is an America Company who wanted to change things up in the retail world. Especially around athletic gear.

Their thoughts being, the clothing is now getting more expensive and the quality is not that great and I agree with them. I’ve had a few pairs of leggings that don’t last the distance.

To be honest, I wear them all the time. I was either training for the Marathon des Sables or doing weightlifting, yoga or boxing. So I was giving my workout gear a battering and I live in it as well. Its just the most comfortable stuff for me to wear while I work. I don’t have a traditional office job anymore, so comfort is my only priority!!

I’m going to do a vlog about the clothes and show you them in more detail. Full exclosure, I did get my clothes for free, however, my parents likes them so much they have already ordered some more gear for them. They feel so soft and the trousers are such good quality. I always hate it when you’re lifting and you feel as though your pants are going see through at the back as you bend down and over!

Not with these pants, they provide great coverage, are really supportive and are super longer which is perfect for me - I’m 5’9 so generally struggle to find leggings long enough!

As the supporters of the Tough Girl Podcast - you also get to benefit from the relationship and they have offered a 20% discount on any orders you make. Just use the promo code ToughGirl20 at the end when you check out.

Ps - if you’re ordering from the UK the shipping is about $24 dollars, so the 20% discount will basically pay for the shipping.

It works on a crowd funding basis, so there has to be a minimum order before it goes out, but this helps to reduce any waster, over ordering, holding stock etc. I think its the way forward. For me - I hate shopping and can’t think of anything worse than going shopping, so I do my shopping on line!!

Please do check it out and let me know what you think!!

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