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Tough Girl - Ann Trason - American ultra runner who has broken 20 world records & won Western St

Ann has dominated long-distance running for nearly two decades. During her career which spanned over 20 years, she’s broken 20 world records in distances ranging from 40 to 100 miles, qualified three times in the marathon for the US Olympic trials, won the Western States 100 14 times, and set a course record at the Leadville 100 that has stood for more than 20 years.

Ann now lives a quieter life in the country, in this podcast we get to go back in time to learn more about Ann and how she first got into running, why she’s so passionate about the sport and why she ensures she’s having fun!

Show notes

  • Ann introduces herself in her own words

  • How Ann first got her start into running

  • Running her first six minute mile!

  • Going back to high school when girls were not meant to run

  • Dealing with failure at a young age and how it motivated her to perform

  • Why hard work pays off

  • Why being able to solve problems can make you a better ultra runner

  • 6 weeks to train for her first 50 mile race at 25 years old and getting to meet her running idol

  • Dealing with self doubt and how it motivates her to try harder

  • Messing up her training by doing too much and how it took failure at Western States for Ann to learn from all her mistakes

  • A brief history of Western States

  • The Leadville 100 and dealing with pain and tiredness

  • Why you need your own mantras when running

  • The Ps in ultra running - Positive, Planning, Preparing, Pacing, Problem solving, Progressing

  • Trying to stay in the moment and living in the now

  • Her race strategy and why pacing was key

  • Winning Comrades Marathon by 2 mins!

  • Dealing with the loss of her mum and being a mentor for the runners she coaches

  • Final words of advice for potential ultra runners

Links - Ann Trason - Website

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