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Tough Girl - Renee McGregor is a leading sports and eating disorder specialist dietitian with over 1

Do you get confused by nutrition and all the information out there?

Are you struggling to know what to eat and when to eat it? Confused?

I know I am!!

Today we speak with Renee McGregor a leading sports and eating disorder specialist dietitian with over 15 years' experience working in nutrition. Renee works with elite athletes, coaches and sport science teams to provide nutritional strategies to enhance sport performance and manage eating disorders. She is the author of the best-selling book Training Food, which went straight to number one in Amazon's Fitness Training category in April 2015.

In this episode we cover of a number of topics, from busting food myths, talking about sugar and how Renee has coped with her diagnosed of an auto immune disease.

Show notes

  • What’s the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist and why it matters

  • Where her passion for food, diet & nutrition came from

  • How she developed her career and why it was important for her to continue her education while she had young children

  • Growing up in an Asian family and her relationship with food, and how family impacted on it

  • How the message around healthy eating has got everyone confused about what to eat

  • Getting your nutrition right while training and how you can do this with a family

  • Body image and why we shouldn’t all be trying to achieve just one body type

  • Having young daughters and being a role model to them

  • Why your attitude is so important

  • The biggest myths that need to be debunked! Do carbs make you fat? - True or False?

  • Lets talk about sugar….

  • How much protein do you need?

  • Health bloggers…..

  • Being diagnosed with an auto immune disease and the impact its had on her life

  • How’s best to recovery after a training session - is it a protein shake or a steak?

  • Supplements and why you should be taking Vitamin D every day

  • Training Food: Get the Fuel You Need to Achieve Your Goals - Before, During and After Exercise


Renee Website - & twitter - @mcgregor_renee

Get Renee’s book here!

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