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Amelia Boone - full-time attorney, 3X World’s Toughest Mudder Champion & Spartan Race World Champion

Tough Girl - Amelia Boone

Amelia Boone is 33 years old, working as an attorney in California while also competing as pretty much a full time OCR athlete (Obstacle Course Racer). Since the sport's inception, she’s arguably the world's most decorated obstacle racer amassing more than 30 victories and 50 podiums!

Career highlights include:

  • 3x winner of the World's Toughest Mudder (2012, 2014, 2015)

  • Spartan Race World Champion 2013

  • Spartan Race Points Series Champion (2013 & 2015)

  • 3x Death Race Finisher (Winter 2012, Summer 2012, Summer 2013)

“I’m not the strongest. I’m not the fastest. But I’m really good at suffering.”

– Amelia Boone

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Show notes

  • Moving from Chicago to California and the benefits which came from it

  • Getting Amelia to introduce herself

  • Being a full time attorney and also a full time obstacle course racer

  • Being sporty at school, but not being a typical runner

  • Getting to spend time outside, playing team sports such as softball, and soccer

  • Being good at everything but not the best at anything

  • Why she thinks she's successful at endurance events

  • Using the gym while at college and at law school to help deal with stress

  • Learning about Tough Mudder and deciding to give it a go

  • Her first Tough Mudder - going back and reliving the memories!

  • Why she loved it and why she decided to do another one

  • Trying to do her pull up and why the “funky money obstacle” was her big challenge

  • Why you have to go after your first pull up!!

  • Her most impulsive decision in her life and why she signing up for a 24hr Tough Mudder - The Worlds First!

  • Looking for meaning and try to find a new challenge

  • Using cross fit to develop strength

  • Being one of the 13th finishers to finish the race out of 900 people

  • Having to break through the ice & being the coldest she’d ever been and why this low point was also a high point and life changing for her!

  • Why it’s a race but it’s still about the community

  • Learning mental resilience and why it can be easy to get over whelmed by the size and length of the race

  • Mental tips and tricks to get through the tough times

  • Her favourite song which got her around the 2012 Tough Mudder Race!

  • How the number of women entering races has changed over the years and why women should enter the longer races

  • What’s she learned from running races and how she’s been able to apply it to her life

  • Trying to get balance in her life!

  • Waking up at 4 - 4.30 am!!!

  • Coping with injury over the past year

  • Why you have to find a new normal

  • Losing her identity and going through a period of trying to work out who she was

  • What she would like to see happen in 2017