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Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Sunday 17th December - Getting very exciting!!! Not long to go now!!! #Tri

Sunday 10th December - Emotional vlogs (Day 97) & changes to Patreon


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Show notes

  • I didn’t get dressed and didn’t leave my bed!

  • So close to finished the final edit for 7 women - 7 challenges - COMING 31st Dec

  • Reflections for 2017 recorded and uploaded ready for the 30th Dec

  • You’ll be in the loop!

  • Have I discussed my plans for 2018!!

  • Buddies…… Tribees!!! (So excited by this!!)

  • Wanting the tribe to be ready for Jan 1st

  • So much information!!

  • 150 patrons reached!!

  • Christmas Eve draw - to win a Passion Planner!

  • New Prizes for 2018

  • Winning a prize from Love Her Wild

  • Clutter stresses me out!

  • Almost done with my to do list

  • New leaflets!

  • Creating info graphs for Pinterest…

  • Guidelines for the Tribees

  • T-shirts & leaflets so the tribe can go and represent!

  • Country Ambassadors? The role… the responsibilities

  • The Tough Girl Foundation

  • Kiko Matthews and her record attempt

  • 2 essays to write

  • Plans for Monday… PT - Camp America Interview & essay writing

  • Can’t wait for Monday!

  • Speak to you tomorrow xx

  • Become a patron -


If you have questions regarding the Marathon des Sables - Please read - Tough Girl Sahara Challenge

If you have questions regarding climbing Kilimanjaro - Please read - Kilimanjaro Tips for The Top


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