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Fiona Quinn - walked Great Britain; 993 miles, solo and unsupported over 57 days.

Fiona Quinn - walked Great Britain; 993 miles, solo and unsupported over 57 days.  (And then cycled it!)

Fiona is an adventurer, speaker and entrepreneur who loves to get outside and push her limits on expeditions big and small, meeting new people and discovering tasty cake stops en route. In 2017 she walked and cycled the length of Britain and in 2018 is due to set a new world record by becoming the first person to SUP Britain. When she's not adventuring you'll find her running Adventure Book Club and coaching entrepreneurs.


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Show notes

  • Who is Fiona?

  • Being inspired by Al Humphries

  • Being an entrepreneur and wanting to direct her own career and life

  • Hating the corporate life & quitting her job after 6 weeks

  • Setting up her first business

  • Getting into cycling

  • The freedom of adventure and what she loves about it

  • The self development side of adventure

  • Cycling from London to Brighton

  • How she ended up cycling the length of Great Britain

  • Cycling home for Christmas

  • Not being a runner or a swimmer

  • Why she loves adventuring on her own

  • The challenges she faced while cycling and why she had to stop on her first attempt

  • Key learnings from her failures

  • Getting to the end of her challenge

  • Doing the same challenge again

  • Social media and how it interacts on an adventure

  • Mental resilience, mental toughness and mindset

  • Walking from Land’s End to John O’Goats

  • The pains from walking

  • Planning at the last minute

  • Getting injured

  • What she thinks about while walking and why she wants to digitally detox

  • People from Instagram

  • The plan for 2018 - SUP Britain

  • Stand up Paddle Boarding….

  • The 3 Lakes Challenge- March

  • Dealing with fears & funding for her challenge

  • The Adventure Book Club

  • #TakeAction

  • Words of advice and why you shouldn't be afraid of failure


Learn more about Fiona

Twitter: @FionaLQuinn

Instagram: @FionaLQuinn

Facebook: /FionaLQuinn

Medium: @FionaLQuinn


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