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Bex Band - The Ordinary Adventurer who has walked 1,000 km across Israel

After 6 years of living a 9-5 lifestyle, she had had enough. She was fed up of being stressed and overworked and had a mountain of baggage to contend with.

She was burnt out, didn’t sleep well, was over-thinking all the time and had bouts of depression. She didn’t feel healthy.

So, she decided to make a change. She quit her job, signed up to do a few challenges and… she is! Adventuring, travelling and living her absolute dream life.

Since leaving her job she has completed the 240km London Loop on an adult kick scooter, sailed across the North Sea and hiked 1000km the full length of Israel.


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Show notes

  • Where Bex is at the moment

  • Going to Africa at 18 where she got the travel bug

  • Settling into adult life and getting a regular job as a teacher

  • Making the decision to quit her life and go travelling full time

  • Making another big change in her life for the second time

  • Having a small amount of savings

  • Making money while on the go

  • Deciding to head off to hike 1,000km the full length of Israel

  • Getting herself sorted before she headed off

  • Logistics and planning for the trail

  • Having her honeymoon at Burning Man Festival

  • The challenges of her hike

  • 2 months hiking with her husband and hiking separately

  • What Scoop the Loop is!

  • Not spending any money on the challenge

  • Winning the Next Challenge Grant!

  • Wild Camping in a residential urban environment

  • Sailing back from Sweden with Tall Ships

  • Getting sea sick for the first 24 hrs

  • How she decides where she will go travelling

  • The struggles she has to face being a nomad and travelling all the time

  • Working longer hours than she would in a normal job

  • Living with uncertainty and not knowing when your next going to be making money

  • Starting - “Love Her Wild” with her friend Alex

  • Being inspired by Beth Rodden - climbing when pregnant

  • The Mentor Scheme and why it came about

  • What challenge is on her bucket list!

  • Looking for her next big adventure

  • How she decides what to do next

  • Planning and working with her husband

  • Japan highlights!

  • Advice if you do want to quit your job

  • Why you should listen to your gut and your instincts!

  • Why I got rid of my stuff #minimalism

  • Her top piece of adventuring kit - good boots and good socks!

  • Getting a good night sleep!

  • Get in contact with Bex via her blog

  • Why you should go and visit


Social Media

Visit her website - The Ordinary Adventurer


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