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Christine Armstrong - Has just returned from 2 years cycling the world!

Christine and her husband Stephen, have always loved to cycle and cycling has played a huge part in their lives.

During this podcast Christine shares more about how she got into cycling, why they decided to pack up and head off on an adventure of a lifetime!


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Show notes

  • Why Christine reached out to me

  • Why she started cycling

  • Her first cycling adventure!

  • Meeting her husband and their join love for cycling

  • Starting to take regular cycling holidays

  • Having children and going on holiday with them to Northern Europe

  • The cycle holiday that stands out to her

  • Getting the idea to cycle the world - how the idea first started..

  • Giving themselves 16/17 months to prepare

  • Why the world!

  • One year or two years?!

  • Who they told first and their reaction!

  • Her friends and what they said!

  • “How are you going to manage being with your husband everyday?”

  • Getting married in 1984

  • Did she have any fears/worries before the trip?

  • Being - Flexible

  • The planning….

  • The start and how she was feeling..

  • Getting into their routine by day 2!

  • The challenges she faces… breaking her arm

  • Taking a 5 month break

  • Deciding where to go next…

  • The challenges of cycling in New Zealand

  • The daily routine while on the road

  • The challenges of cycling in Japan

  • Advice for women who want to go on a big cycling trip

  • Deciding to come home

  • Plans to head back to South America

  • Settling back into home life!

  • Blogging about their adventure!

  • Final words of advice!

Learn more about Christine

say hi on Twitter @CycleGBCoast


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