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Kim Constantinesco - Editor-in-Chief of @Purpose2Play, Big mountain snowboarder, Stunt Woman who is

Kim broke her neck while doing a backflip on her snowboard. After making a complete recovery, she reinserted adventure back into her life with things like competing in big mountain snowboarding and even going to school to learn how to become a stunt woman.

She is the Editor-in-Chief of, a U.S. based digital publication that tells the positive and inspiring stories in sports. She routinely explores how and why athletes are able to overcome great physical and mental challenges. She believes that the talent she has for telling others' stories is rooted in her own desire to challenge herself physically and mentally and live her life at full throttle.


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Show notes

  • Where she is now and where she grew up

  • Why she is a story teller first

  • Being fearless since a young age

  • Snowboarding off the roof when she was 8 years old

  • Loving spending time outside

  • Not knowing what she wanted to do

  • Having to change career direction

  • Becoming a sports writer and being willing to try something new

  • Being in a major snowboarding accident when she was 28 years old

  • Dealing with recovery

  • Her identity and how it was tied to being an athlete

  • Using writing to help her recovery and reflect on what had happened

  • Wanting to get back to snowboarding and eventually getting back to the snow

  • Doing another backflip and reclaiming herself as an athlete

  • Where the idea for Purpose2Play came from and why they focus on the positive stories

  • Why play is an important component in life

  • Being inspired by Juliana Buhring

  • Her vision for Purpose2Play

  • Still competing in big mountain snowboarding

  • What’s going through her head before she starts a competition

  • 11, 11, 11,

  • Going to stunt school and how it all came about

  • What her parents think!

  • Her plans for the coming year

  • Writing a children's book

  • Why she wants to focus more on mental health

  • Nikki Kimble and how she deals with her depression

  • Dealing with the adventure blues

  • 14,000 ft mountains and her goals to climb 58 by the time she turns 48!

  • Wanting to go bungy jumping!


Social Media

Instagram @KimCon14

Website -


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