#4 Our first Wild Camp on the Lycian Way! STUNNING VIEWS!!!

November 12, 2019


12th November - Kabak to a wildcamp half-way between Gey and Bel, 18.1km


Stats 18.1km 8hr 19 mins walking

Uphill 780 m

Downhill 590 m

Average speed 3.7 km


⛰Lots of steep descents and ascents as we left the village, passing large rockslides and walking through forests, pine needles on the floor and blue skies out to sea.


🥾Focused hiking today, lots of care with foot placement needed. But we took the time to stop and look around to appreciate the moment and the location. It really was stunning! I hope it comes out on camera....


👋 We are meeting lots of locals and they are so lovely & very friendly, they all want help. I’m getting to practice the few words (ok 1 word) that I know -hello! (Merry Ba) 🐑 Passing through lots of olive groves, seeing the sheep and baby lambs scrambling over the fields and rocks without a care in the world.


⛺️ Wild camping, overlooking the sea and mountains. Stars in the sky, very peaceful, no phone reception!


🌓 Hiker midnight in full effect! Ready for bed by 7pm... Still awake at 10pm due to the wind and the glowing full moon which is shining down brightly!


Kat Blog Post - https://followingthearrows.com/2020/01/11/lycian-way-day-4-wildcamp-between-gey-and-bel-to-patara-green-park-17-3km/ 


Komoot Route Information - Day 3 -  https://www.komoot.com/tour/103198433?ref=wtd


Watch the vlog now!!!

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