Tough Girl Daily PODCAST! Monday 11th December - Finish the year STRONG!! NEW WEEK - NEW OPPORTUNITIES

December 11, 2017


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Show notes



  • Getting stitches out

  • Camp America interview

  • Gym time with Chris Thomas

  • Pull-ups… I’m so weak!!

  • Not focusing on the gym at all…

  • Week 10 of University

  • Getting everything done for the 19th

  • New podcast tomorrow - Della Parsons

  • New podcast  - 19th with Laura Kennington

  • Getting the interviews booked in for 7 women - 7 challenges

  •  £10 fine!!!

  • Vlog for summit day!! Coming out on the 12th!!!

  • New vlogs from Boston & Women of the Appalachian Trail

  • Can’t stop eating- Chocolate Oranges!!!

  • New Patron & being very worried about Patreon…

  • Going away…. A complete break from Social Media….

  • Go and check out  Gary Vee

  • Come follow me on twitter - @_TOUGH_GIRL

  • Have a strong finish to the end of the year!













If you have questions regarding the Marathon des Sables - Please read  - Tough Girl Sahara Challenge 







If you have questions regarding climbing Kilimanjaro - Please read - Kilimanjaro Tips for The Top


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