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Paula Reid - The Adventure Psychologist - Going knowingly into the unknown

Paula Reid - The Adventure Psychologist - Going knowingly into the unknown

Paula in her own words…

Combining business, adventure and positive psychology expertise - and being the world’s first Adventure Psychologist - I’ve created a tried-and-tested model to develop the wisdom, resilience and growth you need to thrive in these uncertain times.

I am a trainer, facilitator and coach as well as a speaker, author and adventurer. Perhaps best described as a “Performance Catalyst”, my best self at work is when I am empowering and inspiring others – from primary school children to blue-chip leadership teams. In the non-organisational world, I have been described as “a female Bear Grylls only smoother”.

I have done 116 things on my ‘Living Life to the Full’ list and counting, including sailing around the world and skiing to the South Pole. I have written four books and speak internationally at conferences, schools and for charities.

With 20+ years’ experience as a leader, consultant and coach, I believe in humanising business; making work enjoyable, energising and engaging for all involved. Having completed a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Positive Psychology and Coaching, I understand first-hand the power of a positive approach to life.

We are all more capable than we think and more amazing than we realise.

My passion in life is surfacing this in all of us.


  • Skied full distance from Messner to South Pole: One of only 13 women in the world to do this

  • Paddled 300 miles in dugout canoe: Srepok & Mekong rivers, Cambodia

  • Sailed around the world: 35000 miles, the wrong way

  • Cycled length of UK, Poland, Malta, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania


Listen to Paula The Adventure Psychologist Now!

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Listen to the first episode we did with Paula - Living life to the Full!

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Show Notes

  • Paula introduces herself

  • Her living life to the full list

  • Reflecting back on the past few years

  • Getting married and going back to University

  • New challenge - 50 Good Turns

  • Part time - Applied MSc - Positive Psychology and Coaching

  • Supporting her husband’s around the world sailing challenge

  • 12 countries done so far

  • The challenges of doing a good turn

  • Having people come and join her on the way

  • Unique Cycling Buddies (UCBs)

  • Why its been a challenging 2019

  • Supporting her partner Alex with his round the world challenge

  • Dealing with stress and worry

  • Her coping strategy of just getting on with it

  • Changing her view on adventures

  • Doing her Masters!

  • Getting her dissertation published in an academic journal

  • Working while studying and trying to get headspace to think

  • Starting a new business - The Adventure Psychologist

  • Why adventure psychology should exist alongside sports psychology

  • What adventure means…

  • Practical advice

  • The concept of curiosity

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Having an active body and active mind

  • Different forms of meditation

  • What else has been going on in 2019

  • Living with each decision for as long as possible

  • Quick Fire Questions!

  • Adventure Mind Conference

  • Getting access to the Journal Article - Exploring the psychology of extended-period expeditionary adventurers: Going knowingly into the unknown


Find Paula’s book and connect with her on She’s also on Twitter @ThePaulaReid and Instagram @ThePaulaReid.

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