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Rachel Gibson - Her Journey to the Spartan World Championships.

Rachel Gibson - Her Journey to the Spartan World Championships.

During this podcast we speak with Rachel Gibson a mum of two from the Wirral, UK.

Rachel shares her experience of the Spartan races from competing and placing at the Manchester Spartan Race and her journey to the Spartan World Championships in America.

In this podcast we talk about:

  • Getting back into fitness after children

  • Why the Spartan Sprint races appealed to her

  • What to expect at a Spartan Race from the obstacles to the atmosphere

  • What happens when you fail an obstacle

  • Why the Spartan spear throw isn’t as easy as it looks

  • Top tips for rope climbs

  • What happens after you win a “Spartan Coin”

  • Advice for balancing training with work and having children

  • Why you should always read the small print for races

  • Dealing with the brand new Spartan course

  • What it felt like at the start of the race & the Spartan chant

  • The obstacles that challenged Rachel and pushed her to her limits

  • Coping with the ice cold water during the swim

  • Hitting the wall and still moving forward

  • Future challenges

  • Raising money for Cancer Research

  • Why you should just - Go For It!!!



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