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Tanith Facey - Going from the couch to running the London Marathon!

Tanith Facey - Going from the couch to running the London Marathon!

Tanith is your normal everyday women, she has her own business on the Wirral, she is a mother and at 44 had never been a runner. That all changed on May 9th 2015…..

Learn more about Tanith’s story and be inspired to take on your own personal challenge.

Show Notes

  • Tanith introduces herself and shares why she wanted to do the ultimate running challenge - The London Marathon

  • The importance of having a bucket list, the power of visualisation and how you can make any idea happen.

  • Her first running experience, running her first mile and how she had no idea what she was doing!

  • How she broke it down and started to take small steps in order to accomplish this massive goal she’d set herself

  • Telling the world she was running the London Marathon when she didn’t even have a place!

  • Doing it on her own and what she learnt on the way, taking advice from running forums, an app and why she decided to keep it really simple

“If you want to get good at something you have to keep doing it”

  • Being a fitness instructor, but not really being fit. Drinking, smoking and how she’d never really embraced the fitness way of life

  • How running started to help change her social patterns, and how running changed her habits for the better

  • Completing her first half marathon and celebrating with a beer and a fag and thinking she was now an athlete!

  • Why park runs are fantastic, whether your running at the front or the back!

  • Why it’s not about the time - A mile is still a mile no matter how long it takes you!

  • The mental battle of getting through her first half marathon and how this helped her to plan for the London Marathon

  • Starting to get serious in January 2016 and the barriers she had to overcome; chronic fatigue, having an underachieve thyroid, bad knees, posture problems, a tilted pelvis, and her glutes not working!

  • The thoughts running through her head before the marathon and the pressure she was putting on herself

  • Marathon day and what she learned! The wall, lead legs, counting back from 300, why she didn’t care about the time, crossing the line, getting her medal & loving protein shakes!

  • Her top tips to take you from the couch to running a marathon!

Listen to this episode now - by clicking the play button below!!

If you want to run the London Marathon in 2017 you can apply through the ballot between the 2nd -6th May - CLICK HERE!

Sponsor Tanith - CLICK HERE! Tanith is raising money for Claire House Children's Hospital which offers respite and care to children and young people with life limiting medical conditions, as well as support for the entire family.

You can accomplish any challenge you set your mind to. What challenge are you going to accomplish this month?! Let me know - send me a tweet @_TOUGH_GIRL

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