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Dora Atim - Running Coach and Founder of Ultra Black Running. Completing The Speed Project twice

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Dora is a Running Coach for Nike UK and has launched Ultra Black Running - a community of Black Women and Non-Binary people to explore and experience the world of trail running.

“I’ll do everything I can, to make sure trail running becomes more diverse and work towards overcoming any barriers we may face”

Dora is a youth mentor and works on self-development programmes to encourage young people to engage in sport based initiatives.

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Show notes

  • Why running is a really useful life tool

  • Starting running in 2013

  • Getting into running via boxing

  • Getting into boxing via a friend

  • Starting to take training seriously

  • Finding her tribe

  • The struggle with starting to run

  • Pushing herself to see how far she could run

  • Doing her first 10k

  • The importance of going back to you why

  • Having people to help hold you accountable

  • Struggling with the label of being "a runner”

  • Going to a run club for the first time

  • If you run, you are a runner

  • What happens at a run club

  • Feeling part of a team

  • Becoming a running coach

  • Leadership in Running

  • Studying Sports Coaching at University

  • Deciding to take on The Speed Project!

  • Running from LA to Las Vegas

  • Being part of a team of 8

  • Doing intense training

  • Running in Death Valley

  • Fears and concerns before the race

  • Getting through tough sections

  • Her role in the team

  • The push to the finish line and celebrating the end!

  • Needing a new challenge…

  • Deciding to the Speed Project a second time!!

  • Her favourite distance to run

  • What a typical running week would look like

  • Training for life

  • Running the Virtual Race to the Stones (100k in 7 days)

  • Getting out of the door in the morning

  • Having to be tough on yourself to get things done

  • Foam rolling & stretching….

  • Advice from her physio around active recovery

  • Founding Ultra Black Running in July 2020

  • Wanting to do something for Black Women

  • Getting into trail running

  • Starting to fall out of love with running

  • Feeling overwhelmed and anxious

  • Wanting to share the joy with other people

  • Waning to create a space for Black Women and Non Binary people

  • Encouraging others to get into trail running

  • Her dreams and thinking 5 years in the future

  • Wanting to continue doing the work she is doing

  • Loving South African House music

  • Follow Dora on Spotify

  • Final word of advice to encourage other women to get running


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Last Pick Athletics Club (LPAC) was created by and for individuals who want to change the way they look at exercise and fitness.

Ultra Black Running - Celebrating and championing Black women and Black non-binary people in Trail running and beyond.


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