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India Cook - From Runner to Run Coach. Her journey of making running a more diverse and inclusive

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

India in her own words:

“I am India Cook, an avid Atlanta-based runner, marathoner, race announcer, YouTube vlogger, podcast host, and RRCA-certified run coach. I have a love for running and road racing, but I also have a passion for encouraging and guiding runners and those who aspire to become runners. I advocate for all paces and body types in the space of road racing.

My running journey started in 2008 on the quest to lose weight and also engage in a healthy social activity. Since 2008 I have completed distances from 5K to marathons.

Throughout my running journey, I observed that there were limited running resources created by women of color to help individuals get into running or resources for those already engaged in the sport.

Therefore, I developed a vlog “Miles From India” on YouTube. The vlog’s purpose is to educate, inspire, and motivate runners. Viewers can find tips and how-to videos that aid in helping runners navigate running effectively. Within the running community, I also find it important to ensure diverse running experiences and stories are highlighted.

In 2018, I became a podcast host of, The Run Duo Podcast, with my co-host, Tommy Mitchell. On our bi-weekly podcast, we talk all things running as we educate and entertain our listeners and also interview casually to elite runners.

In addition to content creation, I am also a race announcer and event emcee. I am the amazing voice that you hear at the start and finish line of a race that motivates you to keep going and cheers you in at the finish. As a fellow runner, I find it important to feed positivity and love during all points for racing and I am your fun energetic voice that does that.

On the coaching side of the sport, I have a focus on helping ladies run confidently in any phase of their run journey, my background in mental health not only allows me to have a positive and healthy relationship with running but also enables me to help athletes build a similar relationship as well. I find it essential to make the sport of running less intimidating and relatable for all levels.

My goal is to make the sport of running more diverse, inclusive, and less intimidating to my listeners and viewers.

I will continue to use my training, experience, and voice to guide others in the community of running through coaching.

I take the approach that everyone's journey is unique, and we should celebrate every step, stride, and mile. I believe that running not only boosts physical health, but it also rejuvenates your mind and fuels confidence.”

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Listen to India Now!

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Show notes

  • Who is India

  • Being focused on cheerleading and dance

  • Doing a little bit of track and field

  • Focusing on sprinting

  • Not being a fan of running

  • Having a negative relationship with distance running

  • Starting with a 10k race

  • Wanting to start increasing her distance with running

  • Leaving college and not being active

  • Being in graduate school and wanting to be a pro cheerleader

  • Doing a season of semi-pro cheerleading

  • Figuring out that cheerleading was not for her

  • Using running as her outlet to decompress from stressful work days

  • Doing her first race in 2008 - The Peachtree Road Race

  • Starting to race every month

  • Running her first half marathon in 2013

  • Being surrounded by amazing people who were encouraging her with running

  • Not having a clue when she started running

  • Struggling to find information that suited her needs

  • Why it can be intimidating entering the world of running

  • The advice she wish she had received when she first starting her running journey

  • Why movement is what’s important

  • Not training appropriately for her first half marathon

  • Calling herself a runner

  • The high points and low points of marathon running

  • The mental experience of running a marathon

  • Running the NYC Marathon

  • Running the Virtual Boston Marathon in 2021

  • Tips and tricks for grit and determination while running

  • The importance of knowing your why

  • Staying in the present and focusing on the current mile

  • Thoughts on the Virtual Boston Marathon

  • Taking advantage of the unique opportunity

  • Running a marathon independently and why it’s more of a challenge

  • Her running journey and becoming a run coach

  • The Run Duo Podcast

  • Wanting to interview people from the run community who aren’t elite athletes

  • Goals for 2023 and how it’s a transition year

  • Moving her body and what that looks like

  • How to connect with India (see social media links below)

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

The Run Duo Podcast:


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