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Alex Mason - Co-founder of Love her Wild - quit her job in 2015 & thru hiked the PCT twice, befo

Alex has always has a love for the outdoors and has always been fiercely independent. Her love of adventure began when she first went travelling in Africa.

In 2015 Alex hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2700 mile trail that starts at the border of Mexico and goes through America to the border of Canada. Returning to work was an impossible task and after 4 months back in an office she quit to become a permanent adventurer.

First stop back to America, second stop New Zealand (with a few thousand miles of hiking in between). Listen as Alex shares more about her adventures on the Tough Girl Podcast


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Show notes

  • Going back to her childhood and what she was like growing up

  • Being inspired by her granddad

  • Having a normal life!

  • Spending 6 months over in Africa

  • Questioning what she was doing and why she was doing

  • Deciding to take a sabbatical from her job!

  • Dealing with the obstacles…. & facing up to her fears

  • Why she choose the Pacific Crest Trail?

  • Taking us back to the start!

  • Getting her tourist visa for America!

  • Getting to America and what was happening in her head before she started

  • The moment that stood out for her while on the trail

  • Meeting Kat Davies while on the trail - Listen to her PCT hike here!

  • Overcoming fears on the trail

  • Finishing the trail on her birthday!

  • Making the transition back to “normal” life and going back to work

  • Heading to the Himalaya’s to climb Mera Peak (6,476m)

  • Quitting her job and what she did next!

  • The differences between walking North and South on the PCT

  • Being under time pressure to get through the Sierra before the snowfall

  • Having no responsibility and being free

  • Her trail name!

  • Dealing with the time pressure while heading Southbound

  • What’s happening inside her head while being out in the woods

  • Why she wasn’t trying to “find herself”

  • Being able to share the trail with a friend

  • How she’s funded these trips and how she funds her lifestyle

  • Her monthly budget

  • Learning more about Love her Wild - (Listen to Bex as well!)

  • Her cycle tour in Australia (Sydney to Darwin)- why she decided to do, what inspired her, planning the route, buying her bike!

  • Having low points and how she handles it

  • Being a hiker at heart

  • What she’s learnt from leading this life

  • Her beliefs

  • The charities she supports

Since 2016 Alex has been raising money for Just A Drop, a charity that provide clean water and sanitation for communities around the world.


Learn more about Alex here:

Instagram @masonalexandra


Love Her Wild

Instagram @_loveherwild

Fb public page - @loveherwildblog


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