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Tazneem Anwar - aka Taz @ThisHijabiRuns. Championing diversity in running.

Charlotte Fowles - The Executive Adventurer, solo hiking whilst on chemotherapy & crossing the Australian outback in a 4x4 truck!

Tazneem Anwar - aka Taz @ThisHijabiRuns. Championing diversity in running. Founder and Run Leader at Wycombe Women's Run Club.

Tazneem is a UKA Run Leader, and works with ASICS Frontrunner. Her aim to inspire more women from the Black and Minority Ethnic communities to run. Tazneem works as full time Pharmacist and is mum to 3 boys.

Tazneem in her own words

“My name is Tazneem, but most people call me Taz. I live in Buckinghamshire and I'm a pharmacist working in the pharmaceutical industry. I started running in 2017 as a complete beginner and ran my 1st half marathon within 6 months of starting.

I'm a runner who wears hijab and that in itself does mean I dress a bit differently when running, but my hijab has never been a barrier for me at all.

I'm not a super fast runner, but I train hard to achieve the running goals I set myself”

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Show notes

  • Who is Taz

  • What her childhood was like

  • Not being that sporty growing up

  • Getting into running at 36

  • Having 3 children

  • Giving running ago while on holiday

  • Wanting to stay active and healthy

  • Running with a Hijab

  • Running as a muslim woman

  • Cultural barriers to running

  • Doing her first park run and going along by herself

  • Focusing on running her first 5k

  • Setting a running goal of doing a half marathon

  • Having 6 months to train for the Birmingham Half marathon in October 2017

  • Finding a running plan on line

  • Running early on in the morning

  • Making changes in her life to fit running in

  • The balancing act of being a wife, mother and an employee

  • Feelings of mum guilt

  • Concerns before the Birmingham Half Marathon

  • Being supported by her new friends from Park Run

  • Feeling emotional at the end of the half marathon

  • Booking her next half marathon

  • Running in Marrakesh, Morocco

  • Deciding to join a running club

  • Becoming a run leader

  • Deciding to run a marathon

  • Turning 40 and wanting to mark the occasion

  • Deciding on the Loch Ness Marathon in Scotland!

  • The challenges faced during the marathon

  • Starting to struggle at mile 18

  • The mental side of running

  • Running the Virtual 40th London Marathon in October

  • Doing a lap course

  • Advice for runners who want to run a marathon

  • Deciding to do Race to the Stones 2021


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