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Being interviewed for "Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail"

At the age of 61 Steve Adams "Mighty Blue" hiked the Appalachian Trail. It was a life changing event for him and he followed up his passion for the Appalachian Trail by starting a podcast.

Mighty Blue interviews guests exclusively about the Appalachian Trail. If you are thinking of hiking the Appalachian Trail this is a fantastic resource and you'll be inspired by the variety of different guests who are out there hiking the trail.

I spoke to Steve three times; before I started, half way through and after the challenge was completed!



Part 1 - Before the challenge had even started! (Episode 36)

Show notes

  • Working in London & moving at the corporate ladder

  • Spending more time planning my holidays rather than my life

  • Forcing myself to be positive

  • Leaving in March 2013 - Gap Year

  • Some of the adventures I had around the world!

  • Producing a daily podcast

  • Having a confidence and belief in myself

  • Being inspired to help women and goals

  • Where are the female role models?

  • What can I do to make a difference

  • “If she can do it, why can’t I do it”

  • Challenges being over so quickly

  • Wanting to do a challenge over a long period of time

  • Deciding on the Appalachian Trail

  • The pressure of 100 Days

  • Trying to get balance

  • Motion creates emotion

  • Putting my health first

  • What drives me

  • Why it is about the memories

  • Why I’m ok with doing challenges by myself

  • Why should I miss out?

  • Gear for the AppalachianTrail

  • Being on a budget

  • Why it is not about the gear

  • Training for the Appalachian Trail

  • Focusing on my strength and endurance

  • My Start Strong Plan!

  • My struggle with failure

  • The mental side of the trail

  • Doing the “What If”

  • 100 Day Challenge

  • Wanting to have fun!

  • What is 7 women - 7 challenges?

  • Why I do what I do

  • Going into debt to put out content for Tough Girl Challenges

  • My plans for the future & going back to university


Part 2 - The "catch-up," at Day 51 on the trail, starts at about 31 minutes.

Show notes

  • At Harpers Ferry taking a rest day!

  • Being broken both physically and mentally

  • What I do when I get to the shelter

  • Rest and recovery

  • Having an horrendous day of walking… getting to the shelter at 9pm

  • Being on my feet for 13/14 hours a day

  • Weighting 9 stone 3 (129 lbs)

  • Endurance is increasing but my strength is decreasing

  • Starting out dong 15/18 mile days

  • Getting to Neels Gap and sending stuff away to reduce the weight down

  • Virginia is really flat!!

  • My biggest surprise from the trail

  • Enjoying the wildlife

  • The weather

  • Getting use to the rain…

  • Poncho!

  • Not having any winter gear!

  • Being a little behind schedule at day 50

  • Having to increase my millage to 24 miles per day

  • Starting early in the morning and banking the miles

  • Has it been tough?

  • The countdown has begun to the finish

  • Being aware of my own self talk!

  • Meeting Becca at Clingmans Dome!

  • Not having support

  • The concentration I’m having to use while walking

  • Going over on my left ankle!

  • Interactions with people on the trail

  • Meeting Barbara on the trail

  • Am I enjoying it!

  • Having this opportunity!

  • Living in the moment!

  • Finish date goal - 10th September

  • Keep watching the vlogs!!

  • Happy trails!!!


Part 3 - The end of the challenge! Recorded 2 days after the finish!

Show notes

  • Starting the trail on the 3rd June and finishing on the 10th September to do the trail in 100 days

  • Trying to speed up and bash out 30 mile days

  • The 100 mile wilderness - “fast & flat”

  • Struggling with the elevation

  • Slipping and sliding down the mountains

  • Doing the hundred miles wilderness in 69 hours!

  • Was I confident I would make it?

  • Thinking I wasn’t going to be able to make it

  • Not being able to think 3 or 4 days ahead

  • Focusing on the immediate future

  • The emotions on the trail

  • Not being able to walk the final mile

  • Not wanting to film myself

  • Will I get judged?

  • I was the only one putting the pressure on myself to do the trail in 100 days

  • Fighting to get ahead

  • Physical or mental…

  • My weight loss

  • Red raw patches

  • Not being able to push myself out of the mud

  • Being unhappy

  • Dealing with illness on the trail

  • 19 miles to go

  • Not being able to accept help

  • Not having food on the final day

  • The kindness of strangers

  • The people who have supported me while on the trail

  • Do I feel like a hiker?

  • Would I do it again?

  • Doing a trail without the time constraint

  • Why it is not a comparison

  • Night hiking in the White Mountains…

  • Losing my Go Pro on the trail…

  • Feelings at the finish

  • Final push on the 100th day

  • How the trail provides

  • Being on a learning curve with the vlogs

  • Being in Boston

  • Thank you


Find out more about Mighty Blue and visit his website here



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