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Body Update -19th March 2017

As I’ve now started training for my Appalachian Trail 100 day Challenge, it’s really important I keep track of my weight and my measurement to ensure I’m not losing weight and I’m adding on muscle and building strength.

For me, weighing myself once a month and taking measurements will be a really powerful tool to ensure I’m keeping on track.

From training previously I know I need to be aware of what’s happening to ensure I don’t go down the over trained route, which is what I know can happen to me very easily!



Weight - 10 stone & 1/4

Measurements (Inches)

Right Leg - 20.5

Left Leg - 20.5

Right Arm - 11

Left Arm - 11

Stomach (Belly button) - 26

Hips - 34

Under boobs - 30



Weight - 10 stone 4 & 1/2

Measurements (Inches)

Right Leg - 21

Left Leg - 21

Right Arm - 11.3

Left Arm - 11.3

Stomach (Belly button) - 30

Hips - 34

Under boobs - 30.5


There has been an increase in weight. Which is a good thing, as I will end up going into a calorie deficit, so I do need to add on more weight. My measurements have not changed drastically, just a few small changed in my legs, arms and stomach.



Not the best lighting! But it gives you an indication & they will be good to use for comparison purposes over the coming months.

FYI - My height is 5'9



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