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Costs of hiking The Overland Track, Tasmania

Costs of hiking the Overland Track, Tasmania

In February 2020 I hiked the Overland Track in Tasmania.

This blog will show you the breakdown of what it costs.

During the busy season - October 1st - May 31st the hike costs AUD$200 per person (adult). You need to book in your day of departure and I would highly recommend booking in advance.

Link to book your hike - here

As well as the cost of hiking the track you will also need to have a National Parks Pass (AUD$30) - which you can buy online or when you get to the visitor centre to start your hike.

Hike $200/ £104

National Park Pass $30 /£16

Total costs of hiking = $230/£120


Additional Costs for the hike to consider

  • Travel to the Start Line

  • Travel at the end of the hike

  • Food Costs


Travel to the Start Line

I was travelling from Port Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia.

Travel to Melbourne City Centre via tram $5/£2.60

From Melbourne CBD to Melbourne International Airport via SkyBus $19.75 (one way)/£10.25

Flight to Launceston, Tasmania - paid with points.

Travel from Launceston Airport to Launceston accommodation via shuttle bus $15/£7.78 (direct drop off)

Accommodation POD INN $47/£24

- Booked via

Travel from accommodation to Cradle Mountain $75/£39

I was collected directly from my accommodation at 7.30am. I used McDermott Coaches - highly recommend, very professional and actually great value for money as it’s about a 4hr drive to the start line (with a stop at Sheffield along the way).


Food Costs

I did my food resupply at Coles in Launceston and spent $201.18/£162.70 this also included my dinner in the evening (pizza ham & pineapple!)

This was 8 days worth of food.

Daily costs = $25/ £20.33

There are no other costs during the hike - unless you decided to take the boat at the very end of the hike, but you can walk the 17k around the lake which is what I did.


Travel from St Clair Visitor Centre to Hobart

I walked 5km into Derwent Bridge to collect the West Coast Service Bus (only on Tuesday & Friday - I did not book in advance). $47/£24

Travel from Hobart to Melbourne

From Hobart to Hobart International Airport via SkyBus -$19.75 (one way)/£10.25

Flight - paid for with points.

Melbourne Airport to Melbourne CBD via SkyBus $19.75 (one way)/£10.25

Melbourne CBD to Port Melbourne via tram $5/£2.60

Total costs of - Travel Home $91.50/£47.10


Summary of costs

Travel to the start - $114.75/£59.63

Accommodation in Launceston - $47/£24

Resupply Costs - $201.18/£162.70

Costs of the Hike - $230/£120

Travel back home - $91.50/£47.10

Total Costs $684.43 /£413.43


Watch Day 1 of the vlog NOW!!!


📚 My hike was sponsored by Cicerone

Cicerone has a new guide book which launched on the 15th Feb - with everything you need to know about hiking the Overland Track 😀.

Head to for more info.



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