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Helen Dainty - Full time global hobo cycling the world on AU$100/week. 5 years in and 58,000 km

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Helen in her own words:

“Full time global hobo cycling the world on AU$100/week creating vlogs, blogs, and photo’s as I go.

On the road in one form or another since 2004. I left the UK with a round-the-world ticket on what should have been my ‘year out’ but never properly returned.

Living out of a backpack ever since, I taught English in South Korea, travelling back overland along the Silk Road before emigrating to Australia in 2007 where a travel fundraising job meant I continued to move from place to place every week or two.

In Australia I took up bicycle touring and in 2016 set out on an ambitious first bike tour through the outback along the Gibb River Road, Tanami, and Oodnadata tracks.

In 2017 I returned to work for a year while training for and running the New York Marathon, before returning to full-time bicycle touring.

In spring 2018 I set out into The Beast From The East to ride a loop of the UK coast and down to Sicily and back.

In 2019 I rode up the Norwegian coast to the North Cape and back through the Baltic states.

In early spring of 2020 I set out to Istanbul getting caught in lockdown in Germany, waiting and changing course as borders closed and reopened, finally arriving in Istanbul a year late in September 2021.

Totalling 58,000kms over 5 years so far..

From here the plan is to continue on riding to Africa, via the the Middle East (pandemic & borders permitting!)"

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Listen to Helen Now!

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Show notes

  • Being a full time global hobo

  • Where she is at the moment

  • Her childhood and growing up in the UK

  • Living in Australia for 10 years

  • Going on a round the world gap year at 26 years

  • Why she’s never stopped travelling

  • Taking up cycling over the past 4/5 years

  • Taking the train from Asia back to Europe

  • Finding a job teaching English in Korea

  • Travelling back to the UK along the Silk Road

  • Making the move to Sydney, Australia

  • Not being into sports or fitness at a young age

  • Getting into running in her early 30s

  • Living on her bike since 2018

  • What are the realities of travelling on the road full time

  • Her day to day routine while riding

  • Cycling in the desert in Australia

  • Enjoying her own company

  • Magical moments from her trip

  • Enjoying the type 2 fun

  • Interacting with people from different countries

  • Using Warmshowers

  • Safety while travelling

  • Using a spot tracker in Australia but not in Europe

  • Getting robbed while in Greece

  • The lessons learned from the experience

  • Insurance…and the challenges of getting it while bike touring

  • Bike gear and equipment

  • Learning bike maintenance

  • Wanting to spend time in Africa

  • How covid impacted Hels while travelling

  • Starting up Youtube and how it’s going

  • Travelling on AU $100 per week

  • Living off savings and earnings from Patreon and Paypal

  • Keeping costs down and budgeting

  • Staying in her tent or Warmshowers hosts

  • How she’s uses her mobile phone and the power of free wifi

  • Sharing her story on social media

  • Being supported and encouraged by people online

  • Thoughts while cycling

  • Quick Fire Questions

  • What to remember when things are getting hard

  • Advice for wanting to be a full time Hobo and travelling full time

  • Why you should start of small

  • How to follow along with Hels and be kept upto date with what she’s up to


Social Media

Instagram: @hels.on.wheels


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