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Day 25-26: Villares de Órbigo to Foncebadón. 🥾 My Pilgrimage on the Camino Francés | Camino de Santiago 2023.

ℹ️Stats - Day 25

Date: Friday 26th May

Weather: the morning was windy 🌬️ with dark clouds in the sky. Light rain 🌧️ on and off for a little bit. Afternoon dry with a little bit of sunshine ☀️

From: Villares de Órbigo

Start time: 8.40am

To: Albergue El Caminante - Santa Catalina de Somoza

End time: 2.30pm - 🍷wine in hand at 2.33pm 🥳

Terrain: rocky gravel paths. Pavement/hard concrete

Accommodation: Albergue El Caminante - booked in advance ✅ (🙏 Lyndsey)

Food: protein bar, vegan energy bar - (walnuts, dates & coconut), naked bar (blueberry 🫐 muffin), tangerine 🍊, dried pineapple 🍍, dried mango 🥭, vegan energy bar, massive apple 🍏. Wine 🍷 🍷🍷🍷🍷, crisps, strawberries 🍓, blueberries 🫐, naked bar. No supermarket to do a resupply.

🥾Miles: 18 miles

🦶Steps: 36,899

Total miles completed: 368/500

💰Costs: Bed €12, wine €10 = €22

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 8/10 - lovely day

Fatigue: 3/10 - felt more tired around mid afternoon

Ease of terrain: 3/10

Challenges: I thought it was only 13 miles today…. It was a little further!!

Highlights: playing cards in the sunshine and drinking wine while chatting with other pilgrims.


ℹ️Stats - Day 26

Date: Saturday 27th May

Weather: cold and dry. Little bit of sunshine ☀️ in the afternoon

From: Santa Catalina de Somoza

Start time: 9am

To: Foncebadón

End time: 12.40pm - checked in at 1pm

Terrain: gravel paths next to the road - more rocky remote paths.

Accommodation: albergue - booked ✅ (🙏 Lyndsey)

Food: breakfast- blueberries 🫐, naked bar, vegan energy bar, 3 dried apricots. Large packet of crisps with avocado 🥑. 2x boiled eggs 🥚, crisps, sweets. More sweets! 🤣🤣🤣

🥾Miles: 12 miles

🦶Steps: 25,868

Total miles completed: 380/500

💰Costs: 🛏️ €15. €8.70 (sweets x2, crisps x2, boiled eggs x2, mini olive oil x2) = €23.70

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 7/10

Fatigue: 3/10

Ease of terrain: 4/10 slightly harder today. More uphill climbs.

Challenges: eating crap food & not having a kitchen to cook in.

Highlights: more remote walking. Passing through small little towns and villages.


Watch Vlog #12 below!



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