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Day 41-45: Mayhem Roost to River Pā - 20 Reikorangi Rd. 1437km - 1621km - 🥾Te Araroa Trail - The North Island 🇳🇿

Day 41/50 🥾Te Araroa Trail - The North Island 🇳🇿

📍Supported by ZOLEO @zoleolifeeurope #ChallengeWithZoleo

ℹ️Stats: Date: Monday 11th December

Weather: Sunny & hot ☀️

From: Mayhem Roost - Trail Angels 😇 1437

Start time: 7.45am hitch to fielding

8.25am start in Fielding

To: Palmerston North

End time: 3pm

Accommodation: Trail Angel 😇 bed

Terrain: flat, road walking, animal pastures

🥾Km: 27.8

🦶Steps: 34,962

🚗 Hitch 1 - with Julie to Fielding 1437-1460 = 23km

Total Km: 1483/1715 = 86% ✅

💰Costs: $30 trail Angel - bed, shower & laundry

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 5/10

Fatigue: 7/10

Ease of terrain: 4/10

⭐️Highlights: staying with a trail Angel 😇, having wifi (which is semi fast)

🏔️Challenges: none really. It wasn’t roads, but it was a lot of concrete

💭Thoughts: the weather in the Rangers is not good. I’m going to see what happens over the next few days. Or else I might need to miss this section.


Day 42/50 🥾Te Araroa Trail - The North Island 🇳🇿

📍Supported by ZOLEO @zoleolifeeurope #ChallengeWithZoleo

ℹ️Stats: Date: Tuesday 12th December

Weather: cold & rainy 🌧️

From: Palmerston North - trail Angel 😇 house.

Start time: 7.10am (1483km marker )

To: 1522.5 - Burtton’s whare site

End time: 6pm

Accommodation: camped 🏕️

Terrain: road, gravel roads, forest roads, mud tracks. There was also some well maintained paths as well.

🥾Km: 36.1

🦶Steps: 46,336

River crossing -2 with multiple small stream crossings.

🎒Bag weight - 13.3kg

Total Km: 1522.5/1715 = 89% ✅

💰Costs: $0

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 6/10 - basic day - but enjoyable

Fatigue: 5/10 general tiredness has kicked in now

Ease of terrain: 5/10 not to bad today. Even the last few km in the mud were ok.

⭐️Highlights: reaching the overall half way point 🥳 of the trail -1500km walked/biked/canoed 🛶

🏔️Challenges: trying to set my tent up in the rain!

💭Thoughts: When you tell people what you are going to do and they share that info later “Sarah THINKS she’s going to do X “ and in my head it’s like….I don’t think - I’m going to do it - I’m going to do it. There is a difference.

🧠Sharing my thoughts on the trail and people not believing what I’m saying. it’s only when other male hikers share the exact same thoughts that its taken on board.

To me - it felt like my feedback and thoughts were dismissed- until a man said the exact same thing.


Day 43/50 🥾Te Araroa Trail - The North Island 🇳🇿

📍Supported by ZOLEO @zoleolifeeurope #ChallengeWithZoleo

ℹ️Stats: Wednesday 13th December

Weather: dry but cold

From: 1522.5 - Burtton’s whare site

Start time: 6.45am

To: Makahika Outdoor Centre and then onto Levin

End time: 5pm

Accommodation: Donna - Trail Angel 😇 blow up air mattress

Terrain: forest tracks, multiple river streams, steep muddy ascents & descents, more mud, more streams, gravel road.

🥾Km: 18.6

🦶Steps: 23,910

🚗 Ride with Donna from the Makahika Outdoor Centre into Levin

Total Km: 1551/1715 = 90% ✅

💰Costs: $50 - pick up, bed, dinner & drop off

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 7/10

Fatigue: 7/10

Ease of terrain: 7/10

⭐️Highlights: the last few kms were fun, it was relatively flat and I was going from the steams to the mud, to the streams again. Very enjoyable last section. 🥳

Meeting Donna and being properly looked after - amazing food 🍽️ and company 🥳

🏔️Challenges: making distance. It was slow going in parts. Lots of wet mud and roots. 45 mins per km.

💭Thoughts: my philosophy on social media is to “Document” what happens. I’m not trying to create a story.

I’m sharing the day to day of what happens - The highs, lows, challenges, set backs, costs, as well as the positives, the beauty, kindness of strangers and the nature.

I’m want women to go on more adventures and take on more challenges. But I want them to be prepared and ready for the reality of what’s ahead. So they can be successful 🏆


Day 44+45/50 🥾Te Araroa Trail - The North Island 🇳🇿

📍Supported by ZOLEO @zoleolifeeurope #ChallengeWithZoleo

ℹ️Stats: Date: Thursday 14th & 15th December

Weather: sunny ☀️ & hot/ normal

From: Levin

Start time: 10.50am

To: River Pā - 20 Reikorangi Rd

End time: 1pm

Accommodation: mattress in a church

Terrain: road hitch, pavement walk after a food shop.

🥾Km: 5.9

🦶Steps: 7551

🚗 hitch - Alan 🙏 Levin to Waikanae

Total Km: 1621/1715 = 95% ✅

💰Costs: $89 food… & 1 bottle of nice wine!!!

$20 accommodation (2 nights)

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 5/10

Fatigue: 6/10 - afternoon nap in the sun helped

Ease of terrain: 1/10

⭐️Highlights: cheap accommodation and access to a kitchen. Good weather and being able to sunbathe for a few hrs.

🏔️Challenges: waiting for a hitch!

💭Thoughts: I had a rest day on the 15th - slept, ate food, slept some more. It was a very chilled day.



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