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Day 5-6: Villatuerta to Logrono. 🥾 My Pilgrimage on the Camino Francés | Camino de Santiago 2023.

ℹ️Stats Day 5

Date: Saturday 6th May

Weather: sunny ☀️, hot , with blue skies 💙

From: Villatuerta

Start time: 6.20am

To: Los Arcos

End time: 11.30am

Terrain: country lanes, paved concrete paths, rocky & through little villages

Accommodation: albergue 🛏️

Food: apple, 2x tangerine, naked bar, salad, baby tomatoes, tuna, strawberries, ice lolly.

🥾Miles: 17 miles (includes back & forth for filming and going to supermarket)

🦶Steps: 36,461

Total miles completed: 93/500

💰Costs: €8 bed, €19 food shop - tuna, salad, baby tomatoes, peanuts, apple, strawberries, ice lolly = €27

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 8/10 - great weather again

Fatigue: 4/10 - left lower leg is throbbing

Ease of terrain: 4/10 - pretty flat today, just a few steep little sections

Challenges: didn’t sleep particularly well - due to a person snoring 💤 (so loud - even with ear plugs!) woke up at 6am - decided to just get up and get walking.

Highlights: 16 miles done by 11.30am. Got to the albergue and got in the queue- about 20 people ahead of me and there is room for 70 so felt confident I’d get a bed which I did! Headed to the local supermarket and had a nice lunch - sat outside and relaxed. Not much else to do apart from the enjoy the weather ☀️😀

I’ve also booked accommodation for the next 2 nights!! Using website


ℹ️Stats - Day 6

Date: Sunday 7th May.

Weather: sunny ☀️ & hot 🥵

From: Los Arcos

Start time: 7am

To: Logrono

End time: 1pm

Terrain: rocky paths, small road sections, wide country paths.

Accommodation: albergue 🛏️ - booked in advance ✅

Food: apple & sheep’s cheese 🐑, naked bar, dates, crisps, ice lolly

🥾Miles: 19 miles

🦶Steps: 39,810

Total miles completed: 112/500

💰Costs: €13 🛏️, drink & ice lolly €4 = €17

Subjective feeling out of 10 on:

Enjoyment: 6/10 - just wanted to get to a bed and sleep.

Fatigue: 8/10 - felt wipes out today. The last 2 miles was hard going. I need to sleep!! started my period🩸

Ease of terrain: 4/10

Challenges: I got very little sleep last just due to the person underneath me - snoring away. I tried rocking the bunk bed, clicking my fingers - all no good!! So probably had about 4hrs sleep if that!

Highlights: good weather, beautiful scenery 💚


Watch Vlog #3 below!



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