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Susan Doram - Covert Adventurer, Pfaffing & spending 2.5 years cycling around the world!

Tracy Edwards MBE - Round the World Sailor and Social Activist currently running The Maiden Factor Foundation fighting for the rights of all girls to an education

Susan took up cycling as a hobby about 10 years ago and since then has gone on to spend over 2 and a half years on a cycle tour around the world.

Susan visited 15 countries on four different continents. Meeting amazing people along the way and having fantastic experiences, which she has shared on her blog.

Since then, Susan has gone on to become a Breeze Champion and she set up Leicester Women’s Velo with a few other Breeze Champions in Leicester.

Susan is also one of Cycling UK’s “100 Women in Cycling 2019”. Susan hopes to inspire you to go on your own adventure!

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Show notes

  • Getting back into cycling 10 years ago

  • Coming back from a round the world cycle tour

  • Family life and learning how to ride a bike

  • Wanting to be a ballerina

  • Health and fitness and being the fat kid at school

  • Dislocating her shoulder

  • Going on holiday to NYC

  • The struggle of getting into a routine

  • Leaving her job to become a full time personal trainer

  • How work took over her life

  • Making the transition to becoming a full time personal trainer

  • Getting back into cycling

  • Building up the courage to join a cycling club

  • Sky Ride Locals

  • Being willing to try new things

  • Starting to think about bigger rides

  • Breeze Rides and becoming a breeze champion

  • Getting a group of women to cycle across France

  • Learning how to cycle tour

  • Gaining new skills

  • Trying to find the right bike

  • The rush of getting from A to B

  • Where the idea came from to cycle around the world

  • Going back to work to earn money for the trip

  • Starting to tell people about the cycle tour

  • Trying to decide on cycle routes

  • How her journey and plan changed

  • Why New Zealand started to appeal

  • Taking 2 years to plan the adventure

  • Decluttering the house to rent it out

  • Saving money and the budget for the trip

  • Gaining knowledge regarding bike maintenance

  • Cycling around Taiwan

  • The magical moments from the trip

  • Transitioning back to a normal life

  • Living with her mum

  • Not wanting to come home

  • Thinking about the next cycle adventure

  • A cycle around the coast of Great Britain

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

Twitter @Susan_Doram


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