Dr. Tamie Jovanelly - World Explorer, focusing on major river systems including the Nile, Amazon

Dr. Tamie J. Jovanelly is an Associate Professor of Geology at Berry College. Classically trained as a hydrologist, she has completed water quality assessments on five continents to make comparisons between developed, undeveloped, and developing countries and their relationships to local watersheds.

Tamie grew up in Detroit in a working class family that had little ambition to go anywhere. Her brother ignited her spirit of adventure at the age of 10 by taking her for rides on the back of his motorcycle. By getting to explore the local area this encouraged and inspired Tamie to dream of travelling further afield. She accomplished this by pursing a career in academics, with a focus on Geology. Tamie has gone on to lead and run research expeditions all over the world.

Tamie’s first venture to Iceland was in 2006 when Iceland was still off the radar of most tourists. With the keys to a Toyota Yaris and a series of paper road maps, she and her older brother circled the island in 11 days. Over the course of the next decade she would visit nearly every summer, bringing with her keen undergraduate students who could keep up with the hiking!

Tamie has been told on several occasions by various people at different stages of her career that she doesn’t fit the mould of a scientist. However, this negatively doesn’t stop Tamie from going after her goals and following her passions. She lives by the mantra - Winners Do More. During this podcast, Tamie will share more about her career, the challenges she has faced, how she plans and why she breaks her life down into 6 months sections.

Tamie has recently authored the book: Iceland: Volcanics, Tectonics, and Glacial Features.

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Show notes

  • Growing up in Detroit

  • Getting her first globe and wanting to travel

  • How her brother ignited her spirit of adventure at the age of 10 by taking her for rides on the back of his motorcycle

  • Knowing she wanted to be an international researcher

  • Having the opportunity to study in Japan

  • Leading study abroad trips for students

  • What she learned from spending 9 months in Japan

  • Thinking big picture to start

  • The different types of expeditions

  • What life is like in the field

  • Her Mantra - “Winners Do More”

  • How she plans her life

  • 7 habits of highly effective people

  • Having a mission statement

  • Setting 6 month goals

  • Planning 5 years out

  • Deciding to write a book

  • Her love and passion for Iceland

  • Running her first marathon

  • Advice and tips for women who want to be more adventurous



www. globalwaterquality.com

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