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Fenella Langridge - Professional Triathlete over 70.3 distance

Fenella Langridge - Professional Triathlete over 70.3 distance

Fenella shares more about her journey to becoming a professional triathlete.

We learn more about her childhood and growing up, her loves of sports and competition.

Fenella, also shares more about what day to day life is like, we go into training, recovery, nutrition, dealing with injury and the pressure to perform.

“Triathlon is achieving the unbelievable and pushing yourself beyond limits, to find inner power in the drive for success”


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Show notes

  • Who Fenella is

  • Where she grew up

  • Falling in love with sport an physical education

  • Wanting sports to be a part of her future

  • Making money from triathlon

  • Life as a professional triathlete

  • The pressure to perform

  • Meeting her coach & partner

  • The decision to go professional

  • The start of her triathlon journey

  • Making the leap to longer triathlons

  • Why the training is the most challenging part

  • Wanting to be World Champion

  • Mental Preparation - PPPPPP (Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance)

  • Dealing with injury and staying positive

  • What off season is like

  • The most memorable race

  • Making the right decisions at the right time

  • What goes through her head during training and racing

  • Being committed to the decisions she’s made

  • Race recovery

  • Quick Fire Questions


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