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Hannah Stodel - 4X Paralympian (Sailing), Triple World Champ Aspiring to compete in the Vendee Globe

Hannah Stodel

Hannah knows what it takes to follow her dreams, and has always lived by her Uncle’s motto “never give up”.

At 13 years old, she became the youngest ever winner of the BT Young Sailor of the Year award for her achievements at the Mirror World Championships.

Aged 15 she received a phone call that changed the direction of her life. Andy Cassell, the Atlanta Gold medalist in the Sonar class opened her eyes to disability sailing, which she had previously thought of as the weaker option.

After winning the bronze medal at the World Championships, her team was selected above her childhood hero and mentor, Andy Cassell which sent her to her first Paralympic Games - Athens 2004!

During this podcast we learn more about the setbacks she’s had to face, how she has dealt with failure and crushing disappointments. Throughout it all she has kept moving forward with pure grit and determination.

After listening to Hannah you will be inspired to take on your own personal challenge.

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Show notes

  • Going back to her childhood and understanding what it was like for her growing up

  • What she loved about sailing & how sailing changed her perception of herself.

  • Going off to military school at young age & what she’s learned from that experience

  • Growing up with her disability and dealing with bullies

  • Making the Youth Squad in sailing

  • Winning the Young Sailor of the Year Award when she was 13 years old!

  • Knowing that sailing was going to be in her future

  • Dealing with the pressure of coming from a sailing family

  • Thinking that Paralympian sailing was the weaker option and how her mind got changed.

  • Deciding to leave university after 2 years and focus on the Athens campaign

  • Beating her childhood hero & mentor at the 2003 World Championships

  • The mental preparation while competing at an elite level

  • The Chimp Paradox and exercising the chimp!

  • Racing & competing in China

  • Race tactics & why it’s a balancing act

  • Losing a medal at the London Olympics 2012

  • 16 years of sailing and the reason she sails

  • Her preparation for Rio

  • What she does to get ready before a race

  • 2 bad days on the water at Rio and having to fight back to Bronze position, before losing out to a disqualification

  • Dealing with the loss

  • What’s the extra one percent and why you have to fight to the end - no matter what

  • The closing party in Rio!

  • What sailing has taught her

  • Sailing has been dropped from the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020

  • The Vendee Globe 2020 Challenge!

  • Final words of advice to motivate & inspire you!

Learn more about Hannah by visiting her website - & say hi to her on twitter @SailingHannah. I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL

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