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Hollie Woodhouse - Completing NZ's Coast to Coast race, running the Marathon des Sables

Hollie Woodhouse - The Adventurous Kiwi - Completing NZ's iconic Coast to Coast race, running the Marathon des Sables& most recently crossing the Greenland Ice Cap!

Hollie has ticked off NZ's iconic Coast to Coast (both the 1-Day race and 2-Day race). Hollie has run 260km through the Sahara Desert in Morocco doing the Marathon des Sables and completed 240km in the Amazon Jungle in Peru! Her latest challenge involved crossing the Greenland Ice Cap which involved walking 560km, over 29 days while pulling a 60kg sledge!

Hollie grew up in rural Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand and spent her childhood outside exploring the mountains and rivers. An Outward Bound experience at the age of 27 led her to set 4 goals; the main one was to complete one BIG challenge each year that would take her outside of her comfort zone.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about Hollie, the adventurers and challenges she’s been on and what she’s learnt along the way. Hollie shares the high points the low points, the lessons and provides advice and top tips to help you to achieve your dreams.


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Show notes

  • Growing up on a farm in New Zealand

  • Doing outward bound at 27

  • Writing a letter to herself with 4 goals…

  • What outward bound is and what’s involved

  • How it changed her life

  • Loving sport at school

  • What the 4 goals were

  • What is the iconic NZ Coast to Coast Race (multi-sport race)

  • The difference between the 1 day race and the 2 day race

  • Why it’s an incredible race

  • The biggest challenge from the coast to coast race

  • What she learned from the experience

  • Why kayaking was so challenging

  • Why she thinks the 1 day event is easier!

  • What she has learned from doing these experiences

  • Marathon des Sables 2015 and having no idea what they were in for!!

  • The top two inches and the bottom two inches

  • How Hollie mentally prepares for races

  • Greenland - where the idea came from

  • Getting down to the final 6!

  • Family and friends reactions….

  • Skiing?!

  • Taking us to the start line of the challenge

  • Dealing with the cold, sorting out food and getting to grips with the final bits of preparation

  • Too big of a challenge?

  • The first day and being in shock

  • Trying to figure out how to cope

  • Stats about the challenge

  • What she’s doing when walking

  • Getting into a state of flow

  • The last week of the challenge, and the issues from extreme weather to running out of food!

  • Team dynamics

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Spending 29 days on the ice!

  • Not having anything to prove anymore

  • Dealing with the adventure blues

  • Quick fire questions!

  • Say Yes to Adventure


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The Adventurous Kiwi

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