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International Women’s Day 2021 #ChoosetoChallenge with Inov-8

This March I’ve chosen to challenge myself by running one mile everyday in March! Why? To be honest, in February I was struggling with my motivation, I wasn’t getting outside enough, I wasn’t moving my body as much as I wanted to. I needed a challenge, I needed to be inspired and I wanted to feel as though I was achieving something. I know I’m much more motivated when I’m working on a project or a challenge and I have a purpose to exercise (not just exercising to feel fit and healthy). I need something more to motivate me and inspire me to get active and to get out there. Normally, every year, I am working towards a particular challenge, whether, that’s training for the Marathon Des Sables, or hiking the Appalachian Trial or Lycian way etc. I have a clear goal, with a set start date to work towards and it’s so much easier for me to commit the time and energy needed. I need that challenge. With all of this in mind. It was super fun to come up with ideas and to get feedback from my community over what we could do and the #MarchDailyMile challenge was the result!! Not only has it helped me to get more active, but it’s encouraged other people around the world to move their body, to go for a run and to give themselves a purpose and to feel part of a team. I’ve been running everyday and I’ve noticed such an improvement in my energy levels, how I’m feeling and how much more productive I am during the day. I’m also sleeping better, and feel healthier from spending time outside. There are still 24 days left of the challenge - Start today!! Commit to running 1 mile everyday until the end of March.

Download the runner bingo forms (link in bio) or click here


I am delighted to be working in partnership with @inov_8 on the March Daily Mile Challenge! Inov-8 have provided me with my running shoes (TerraUltra G 270) and running gear - which I will be testing out and reviewing during March.

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