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Janine Doggett - 37, freelance writer & blogger, from Bristol who cycled LEJOG solo via the 3 peaks

Tough Girl - Janine Doggett - 37, freelance writer & blogger, from Bristol who cycled LEJOG solo via the 3 peaks in 2018!

“Inspired by Tough Girl Challenges. I finally made the decision to go on my big adventure - facing a fear of solo cycling to ride 1009 miles via the three peaks - and I'm so glad I did”

During this podcast we learn more about Janine’s journey into fitness from running the London marathon to training for her first ironman, we learn why she started her blog and where she hopes to take it in the future.

Janine shares more about her own personal fears, the anxiety she has dealt with and why she has struggled to write about her most recent challenge.


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Show notes

  • Living in Bristol

  • Spending 15 years working in marketing, but now working as a freelance writer

  • Not growing up sporty and discovering running in her twenties

  • Her running journey and signing up for the London Marathon in 2008

  • Running it in 2009 due to an injury

  • Joining a running club and how it took her to the next level

  • Making the transition over to triathlon

  • Dealing with injury over a year and a half and the impact on her life

  • Getting her first bike

  • Starting her blog

  • Being inspired by Chrissie Wellington and why the message to ‘Pay it forward’ stuck with her

  • Signing up for her first Ironman and why she was terrified and excited in equal measure

  • Dealing with her own personal fears and anxiety

  • The Ironman Bible

  • Hitting walls in training and hiring an ironman coach for the final 6 months

  • Starting a new job and breaking up with her boyfriend

  • Chaining her nutrition and feeling supported in her journey

  • Dealing with her anxiety

  • Ironman Bolton in 2015 — the rain, the hills, the highpoint, the low points & transitions!

  • Recovery and feeling like a new women after the race

  • The ironman swagger

  • Doing her first ultra, qualifying for Team GB (age group)

  • Taking on bigger and bigger challenges and deciding to tackle her next fear - heights via the 3 Peaks Challenge

  • Dealing with her fears of isolation and wanting to be alone, but being scared

  • How meeting Anna McNuff changed the direction of her life

  • Why her big idea got shelved

  • Following her heart and doing what made her happy

  • Wanting to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats (LEJOG)

  • Telling 3 people your plans

  • Deciding to quit her job and go back to being a freelancer

  • Dealing with the negative feedback and how she coped with it

  • Feeling the isolation kicking in

  • What’s she’s learnt from doing this solo challenge

  • Celebrating the finish!

  • The blog and how’s it evolved over time

  • The women who have inspired her on the blog

  • The LEJOG Blog….. maybe a book!

  • Final words of advice

  • Dealing with the adventure blues


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Triathlove started life in 2014 as a training blog for her first ironman, but quickly became a place for Janine to share the stories of inspiring women she met along the way, who swim, cycle and run.


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