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Jasmijn Muller - Ultra Cycling, breaking records, dealing with failure and saddle sores!

Jasmijn Muller - Ultra Cycling, breaking records, dealing with failure and saddle sores!

Jasmijn is a London-based management consultant who likes to ride her bike far and fast. Previously she's been most most focused on speed and results, now she's in search of more adventurous challenges.

Jasmijn is a flatlander who loves a good headwind battle, not afraid of a bit of rain, but struggles in the heat, scared of gravel and goes backwards on hills. But… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so she embarked on a number of very hilly cycling challenges in summer 2019, clocking up more elevation in a month than she previously done in a year.

Winner of various TT titles, including Best British All-Rounder (2014), National 12hr TT champion (2015) and both National and World 24hr TT champion (2017). Multiple 24 hour solo circuit wins: Le Mans (2013), Revolve (2017) and Zandvoort (2017) where she also placed in the top 3 overall.

Zwift distance record breaker (2017). Two failed LEJOG record attempts.

Audax UK member since 2015 with Super Randonneur awards (200km, 300km, 400km and 600km) 4 years in a row. First female finisher and top 10 overall London-Edinburgh-London (2017). Third fastest female at Paris-Brest-Paris (2019). First woman and top 10 overall at the 1000km BikingMan Oman unsupported race (2019).

Unfinished business with 1890km Race Around the Netherlands (so returning in 2020).

Also eyeing up some off-road cycling fun and a longer unsupported race for 2020... Currently enjoying giving back to cycling, women’s cycling in particular, by helping others with skills and fitness based training sessions and guiding rides.


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Show notes

  • Who is Jasmijn

  • Her main passion and love for cycling

  • Cycling in the Netherlands…

  • Moving over to London in 2007

  • Growing up on a farm in the Netherlands

  • Trying to decide between dance and sports

  • Losing her passion for dance

  • Deciding to go travelling for 5 months….

  • Working as a Scuba Diving Instructor

  • Having to make a decision about university at 25

  • Doing a Masters degree in the UK

  • Getting into rowing

  • Her first 100 mile cycle ride and how it came about

  • Starting to do more Sportive events

  • Joining a local cycling club…

  • Being born with built in endurance

  • Doing her first 24hr race

  • Deciding to see how far she could push it physically on the bike

  • Starting to work with a coach in 2014

  • Winning Best British All Rounder (BBAR) in time trials

  • Having an intense year of riding in 2015

  • How her body copes with the challenges of riding

  • The Challenge of riding the length of Great Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG)

  • Dealing with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in 2016

  • Her history with the record for LEJOG

  • Riding on the A roads in GB

  • Working a full time job while training and preparing for the LEJOG record

  • Picking the right date to start

  • Dealing with illness and sickness and not being able to continue

  • How her big dream of breaking the record for LEJOG changed to becoming a burden

  • Fixing her nutrition, taking time off work for the 2018 LEJOG record attempt

  • How the UK weather impacted on the 2018 LEJOG record attempt

  • Dealing with a speed wobble

  • Dealing with the emotional aftermath of letting go of the LEJOG record

  • Having some time out from cycling

  • Being a peace with her decision

  • Saddle sores…. “flipping flashmash”

  • The Wheel Suckers Podcast

  • Having fun in 2019!

  • Selling all her cycling gear

  • Wanting to do more unsupported challenges

  • Spending time with family

  • Learning new skills and facing her fear of hills!

  • Joining a women only cycling club

  • Quick Fire Questions


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