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Miriam Lancewood - Woman in the Wilderness: A Story of Survival, Love and Self-Discovery in NZ

Catherine Wallis - Plus-size adventurer, working mum, doing ultra challenges around the world!

Miriam Lancewood was born in a loving home in a small village in the Netherlands in 1983. After completing her university degree, she worked for a year in Zimbabwe, and then traveled to India. And in India she met her now husband Peter Raine.

Peter had resigned from his job as university lecturer in New Zealand and had moved to India to live like a ‘modern nomad’. He had lived five years in India when they met.

Together they hiked over eight mountains ranges in the Himalayas, journeyed for years through South East Asia, including Papua New Guinea, and eventually they ended up in Peter’s home country: New Zealand.

Miriam worked for a while as a teacher, then they decided to give up all their worldly belongings and move into the mountains with a tent and bow and arrow.

They wanted to learn how to hunt and survive in the wilderness, and they wanted to find out what happens to the mind and body, when living in the beauty of the wildest nature on earth.


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Show notes

- Growing up in Holland

  • Wanting to be a sports teacher

  • Heading off travelling at 21 years old

  • Meeting her husband Peter and travelling together

  • Climbing 8 mountain ranges in the Himalayas

  • Deciding to live in the wilderness

  • Making it to New Zealand and having to work as a teacher for a year

  • Tramping in the mountains

  • Deciding to spend a year in the mountains

  • How to afford to live

  • What it was like living in the wilderness

  • Learning how to hunt…

  • Deciding to catch possums

  • Not knowing what to do

  • Learning the art of doing nothing

  • Walking the Te Araroa Trail, 3,000km from the North to the South

  • Keeping clean and healthy

  • Dealing with periods

  • Keeping in contact with friends and family

  • Not taking anything for granted

  • Her relationship with Peter

  • Deciding to write a book about her life

  • Having to find a house

  • Stress and anxiety in the wilderness

  • Thinking short term to not get overwhelmed

  • Lessons learned from living in the wilderness

  • Walking the Lycian Way in Turkey

  • Second book on it’s way with plans to release it in October 2020

  • Plans for the future

  • Attending writers festivals around the world

  • Learning how to cook and skin the animals

  • The roles in the relationship

  • Why you should read the book and how it will inspire you

  • Not understanding social media

  • Final words of advice

  • The power of sleeping


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