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#19 Wild camping, beautiful coves, & more ruins!

#19 Wild camping, beautiful coves, & more ruins!

🇹🇷 Thursday , 28th November - Day 19 - Lycian Way, Turkey 🇹🇷

Wild camped 6k past Çıralı to wild camped 6k before Çamyuva. - 15.32 miles / 24.6 km

I can’t believe we’ve been on the trail for so long. The days are all starting to merge together!

I’m so glad I’ve been recorded it on my GoPro and can’t wait to share all the vlogs with you in December.

🇹🇷 Friday, 29th November - Day 20 - Lycian Way, Turkey 🇹🇷

Wild camped 6k before Çamyuva then walked to a pension in Göynük.

- 13.3 miles

🥾 After packing up, we followed a trail up and out of the cove, we though it would lead us down to the other side and give us access to the other side... which is did!

🔐 However, there was a locked gate and a high fence... hmmmm we decided to follow the fence along to the beach to see if it would end... it didn’t! So we started walking back, thinking we were going to need to re trace all of our steps, which would have been a pain. When we spotted a gardener, who opened the gate and let us through! Such a stroke of luck!!

🛣 There was a lot of road walking today as we made our way through Kemer and onto Göynük. Very different scenery, but it was interesting walking through the resort towns and seeing the shops and hotels. Although a lot were shut for the season

🛏 We found a cheap pension in Göynük for 100 TRY which also included clothes washing! This was based right on the Main Street close to the shops and restaurants.

We arrived around 2pm, had showers, got the clothes washed and hung up. I had a power nap for a few hours and then out for dinner.

This is the final place to get resupply before we head back into the mountains for the final stretch. We’re not 100% sure how long this next section will take either 2 or 3 days.

⛺️ We’re going to camp and take 3 days worth of food with us. There should be water on the route!! Can’t believe we are coming to the end of the Lycian way!

☁️ Depending on the weather and how long this next section takes, we’re thinking about heading back to do the lighthouse section that we missed on Day 17 due to the weather.

👍I think we’ll still be able to get it done, as long as the weather stays in our favour.

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Komoot Route Information

Komoot Route Information - Day 19 Part 1
Komoot Route Information - Day 19 Part 2

Komoot Route Information - Day 20 -

Komoot Route Information - Day 20

Watch the vlog now!!!


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