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Marathon Runners Guests of Tough Girl Podcast (Part 2)

Julie Creffield - Author & Blogger behind “Too Fat to Run”

Julie Creffield is a women on a mission. She wants to get One Million women in the UK active and running. She’s focused on the women who don’t get any support, the women who may feel they’re too fat, too overweight, and too curvy to do exercise.

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Corey Melke Hinz - Type 1 Diabetic, Runner, Blogger & Expat Living in London

Corey is an American living the expat lifestyle in London. She started blogging in 2011 “Learning Patience” and has documented her adventures in cooking, running, traveling, and all things expat.

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Lorna North - From “Queen of the Mile” - Talking about travel, running, cycling, her experience of a DNF & what’s in store for the future!

Lorna North is the founder of Queen of the Mile, a platform for those who share the joys of road cycling and running with a particular focus on making these sports less intimidating and more accessible to women.

Lorna’s approach is not about being the fastest but about pushing your own limits, having fun with it and seeing every mile as a victory.

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Johanna "Jo Jo" RogersTough Girl 7 - Johanna "Jo Jo" Rogers at 52 will be training and racing in an effort to be

In 1999 she did her 1st Marathon the Tucson Marathon, where she ran a time of 3:06 and came 27th Female! In 2000 at the age of 36 she ran her 2nd Marathon which was her dream marathon it was the Boston Marathon which she ran in a time of 3:10 coming 149th Female and 125th American!

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