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Paula McGuire - Everyday adventurer, anxiety survivor, trier, fail-er, author. Currently trying some

Janey McGill - Explorer of people, places and thoughts. Crossing 800km across Oman’s Empty Quarter on foot #meetmeinthefield

Paula is an adventurer, speaker and author, but, most of all, she’s a trier. For thirty years Paula suffered crippling anxiety, panic attacks and depression that would eventually rob her of even the most basic freedoms. After decades of medication and intervention, adventure became Paula’s personal therapy in 2012, when she became Paula Must Try Harder, trying the 17 Commonwealth sports, facing her fears head on and fighting her way back into the world.

Ever since, Paula has terrified herself daily in the name of recovery, and now spends all that nervous energy writing and speaking about the importance of allowing a little fear into each day. From flying a plane and wing-walking to becoming a triathlete when she couldn’t actually swim, Paula’s adventures demonstrate that even the most ordinary person can do extraordinary things when they give that little bit extra.

Paula is currently trying something new every day in 2020.

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Show Notes

  • Who is Paula

  • What she had done

  • Dream Jobs Challenge

  • Becoming an everyday adventurer

  • Being terrified of failure

  • Walking away from the Big Mad Swim around Great Britain

  • Dealing with post adventure blues

  • The Year of Fear

  • Becoming a different person

  • The process of dealing with loss

  • TedX Talks

  • Writing a list of all her fears

  • Having a support team

  • Adventure as a full time job

  • Writing her second book

  • Trying something new everyday

  • The start of 2020

  • Starting with a beach clean

  • Trying to fit in the adventures/challenges around everyday life

  • Feeling exhausted in the first two weeks

  • Having a purpose

  • Dealing with Covid

  • Knowing her trigger points and keeping herself well

  • Therapist?

  • Getting use to the new ‘normal’

  • Quick Fire Questions


Social Media

Instagram @pmusttryharder

Book: Must Try Harder: Adventures in Anxiety


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