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Dr. Katie Myint - Running for Enjoyment and Mental Well-Being

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Join us today as we have a conversation with Dr. Katie Myint, an eye surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. Her journey takes us from her Midlands upbringing to becoming a doctor and the role running and exercise played in promoting mental well-being.

Katie candidly shares her battle with depression during her second year as a doctor, shedding light on how exercise and medication became transformative tools for enhancing her mental health. As we explore her running journey and marathon experiences, one theme remains constant: the pure joy of movement.

Throughout the episode, Katie discusses her marathon adventures, from running alongside her husband to using races as a gateway to explore the world. She passionately underscores the importance of running as a cherished hobby, never allowing it to encroach upon her daily life.

Katie offers advice on motivation and self-compassion and encourages women to embrace exercise with the conviction that it can be an enjoyable endeavour.


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Show notes

  • Working as an eye surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, in London

  • Her early years growing up in the Midlands

  • Being focused on academics

  • Learning how to swim with her dad

  • Enjoying school and wanting to do well

  • Finding her way into sports and exercise as an adult

  • Not enjoying sports at school

  • Dealing with depression in her 2nd year of being a doctor

  • Feeling alone

  • Using exercise to improve mental well-being

  • Taking the first step to going out and doing exercise

  • Not recognising in herself that she had depression

  • Going to see her GP and being recommended exercise and medication

  • Going on her first run in winter in the rain and the dark

  • Her running journey and what that looked like

  • Being a solo runner for a long time

  • Running to help process her thoughts

  • Not having any running goals and using running to improve her mental well-being

  • Working her way up to a half-marathon and marathon

  • Why it wasn’t about times or PBs but rather the joy of moving

  • Running with her husband and using a marathon race as an excuse to go on holiday abroad

  • Fitting in running around her job and life

  • Not following a structured running program

  • Wanting to keep running as a hobby

  • Doing 2 or 3 shorter runs throughout the week with one long run at the weekend

  • Not letting running get in the way of life

  • Magical moments while running

  • Running the Barcelona Marathon, Spain

  • Marathon du Medoc, Bordeau, France

  • Managing the tough times in a race and how to mange that

  • The race is just the final victory lap and the journey is in all the runs you’ve done before it.

  • Why it can be tricky between mile 16 and 18

  • Loving Park Run and starting Saturdays with a run followed by brunch

  • Getting involved in triathlon

  • Getting her first bike

  • Training solo or with her husband

  • Doing her first triathlon and why it was a total wash out

  • Taking the race at your own pace and not comparing yourself to others

  • Being an Ambassador for ON

  • Advice for when you don’t want to go out running

  • Remembering why you are doing it, but also being kind to yourself

  • Stretching….

  • Race plans for 2024

  • Where Katie is most active on social media

  • Final words of advice to encourage more women to get exercise in their life

  • Encouraging you to run for the love of it and that exercise can be fun!


Social Media

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